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anyone used Midland kitchens?

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CountingToThree Thu 25-Sep-14 19:57:42

Has anyone used or heard anything about Midland Kitchens?

They've given us a really good quote to supply a new kitchen and samples all seem good quality but don't know much about them apart from that - could do with some reassurance!

Dibble79 Sun 02-Nov-14 09:17:56

I also received a very competitive price from them. We went to see them yesterday, and they are actually called Krypton Kitchens (apparently Midland are owned by Krypton). We were very impressed, so much so that we have put a £200 deposit down and arranged for a home visit for the final measuring.
Since knowing that they are actually called Kryton Kitchens I have googled. All reviews are 5*, except one which says all the reviews are fake.
We are trusting the apparent honesty of the kitchen designer, the fact that we know where they live(!) and that they were the cheapest quote around.
I think we will be going with them, so I'll let you know how we get on!

Siddeek Thu 13-Nov-14 14:08:16

Krypton Kitchens
Midland Kitchens
Well I’m seriously disappointed by the kitchen from Midland kitchens. They also trade under the name Krypton Kitchens. I would not recommend buying from them. The short version of this story is that I don’t think quality of the carcasses matches up to that advertised, the end panels which should match the doors was obviously substituted for a cheaper and very different alternative, and major delays should be expected.

I was looking for a handleless kitchen and Midlands kitchen did a range that looked pretty good at a very attractive price. I ordered a sample door from them which took two weeks to arrive instead of the 2-3 days as advertised. Turned out their suppliers, who they use to send the samples out directly, had caused delays. They simply resell the doors and only make the carcasses themselves, which is fine.

I confirmed the list of units and mock-up I had done and then made the order. Since the sample had taken two weeks to deliver, they said they would attempt to speed up delivery. However the delivery was confirmed for the standard 3 weeks away on a Monday. The Friday before the delivery day, I called and confirmed the Monday delivery date, since I had kitchen fitters booked for Tuesday. I waited for most of Monday before calling in again. I was told there was a mistake and it would be coming out the next day on the Tuesday. Tuesday came and went, and was told that delivery would now be on the Wednesday. On the Wednesday, I got a call that the delivery would be very late that day. I agreed that would be ok since I had pushed the kitchen fitters back for the next day, but then an hour later got another call saying that the delivery would not be able to come out. However they would be willing to deliver at 6am in the morning on Thursday. By this time I was down £400 in deposits for booking a kitchen fitter, since each time I was given assurances then cancelled. I was offered £100 discount which I accepted however when the time came to pay, I was charged full price and was told there was no note of this offer. In the end there was a £50 discount applied

This delivery did not include the doors for the cabinets as this was what was holding up the delivery so they offered a separate delivery for the doors so they could deliver the carcasses earlier.

So on to the carcasses. This is the description on the site
White Laminate Carcasses
This 18mm thick White Laminate Carcass is made from the densest MFC on the market. Every single component is edged on all sides in thick shock absorbent PVC edging unlike most manufacturers who use a paper 0.2mm edging and do not edge every component on every side. This cabinet also comes complete with a solid back-panel unlike other manufacturers who use a thin, cheap hardboard back-panel and because of this, we can offer a lifetime guarantee on all cabinets.

I also emailed them about the thickness of the carcass backs and they confirmed that the backs and drawers were 18mm thick

However just like the other manufacturers they mention, the carcasses are not edged on all sides. In fact the top, bottom, and back edges are left unedged. When i complained about it, the answer was that the description was for an older model of carcass which didn’t have the 18mm back . And with these "upgraded" units they didn’t need the edging. And then offered to send me a roll of edging so I could repair anything myself that went wrong since I was so concerned.

Typically when shopping around for a kitchen, edging for cabinets ranges from 0.1 - 1mm. The "thick" PVC edging was 0.4mm thick. For comparison the B&Q range has edging varying from 0.2mm paper on the basic to 1mm PVC on the cooke and lewis range

The carcasses also didn’t have a service gap at the back. Normally the side panels of kitchen units protrude at the back behind the back panel. This is to allow them to be secured to the wall and for any gas/water pipes access. The carcasses supplied didn’t have this protrusion. They were simply less deep with the back panel being the absolute back. They were supplied with "packers" which were separate bits of panel to attach to the back of the carcass to provide the space to the wall. This meant that the cabinets are freestanding or if they are fitted and secured to the wall, held by a piece of chipboard panel around 10cm wide.

The wall units also didn’t have brackets or a service gap to attach to the wall. They are meant to be screwed directly to the wall. Without brackets to adjust the levelling, you have to make sure you screw in exactly level first time round.

Along with the standard units I had ordered only two units which were custom made. One was just a standard built in double oven larder unit and the other was a truly custom unit which was to house a built in dishwasher. Both were made incorrectly and had to be sent back. Once again I was promised delivery of the replacements within a day or two but then was actually confirmed for a week later.

Finally the end panel for a run of units was made of a completely different finish to the doors. While they claimed it was high gloss, the finish more closely matched the plain white interior carcasses than the gloss doors. Once again when I complained and asked for a proper replacement to match the doors, they simply said they didn’t do it and offered to return and refund the end panel and considered the matter resolved. I had to find an end panel directly from the manufacturers of the doors myself.

Ive tried to leave out my frustrations from this review but the sheer length of this complaint should give you an idea of my feelings. I didn’t have time to simply return the kitchen and start fresh, but if I did , I would recommend going to a local kitchen fitter or just buying ready cabinets from B&Q etc. The quality on the B&Q cooke and lewis range is better in every aspect including thicker edging, soft close hinges (except the back is not 18mm just as they kept reminding me), the price is similar and you’ll save a vast amount of time and headache and end up with a better kitchen

CountingToThree Thu 13-Nov-14 22:55:45

Eek, have been chasing up all day for delivery and now I don't know if we should cancel or not

moomie000 Fri 14-Nov-14 02:00:56

Oh dear. These posts make me think I should run a course on how to buy a kitchen as its such a big purchase and people get duped as it's very difficult to see behind the glossy facade of the showroom / brochure.

I work for a kitchen design company that represents 10 different brands, and we educate people in how to design, plan and buy a kitchen.

If anyone needs help / an education, I'm happy to help out. I've not mentioned my company name as my intention is not to sell anything but to build contacts and relationships in our local area.

Dilbert56 Thu 08-Jan-15 00:59:34

I had the misfortune to deal with Krypton Kitchens apparently alias with Midland Kitchens and had it not have been for the great carpenter who assembled the kitchen and fitted it, we would have been still fitting it now! My wife was heavily pregnant at the time and the kitchen was delivered damaged initially and then 2nd attempt incomplete. Lucky wickes sold skirting that matched in gloss white and a side that looked better quality (and was) than their stock. I had not the time to waste to wait for them to act. Spend more and go to IKEA. I don't like the shop but my sisters kitchen makes mine look a bit crap even given it was fitted by an expert. Look at Krypton Kitchen reviews and you will find others saying the same as me. The kitchen was fitted around March 2012 FYI and have experienced quality comeback for Krypton or Midlands as only guarantee for 12 months. They overlooked trading standards law, but I'm not prepared for any more upheaval in those clowns rectifying what they can't.

serenitykitchens Sat 31-Jan-15 22:26:52

Try serenity kitchens
We have a mobile showroom so we bring a proper fitted kitchen to you. So you actually see what will be fitted in your house. You will deal with 1 person from designing to supplying to fitting.

Londonbug1 Sat 31-Jan-15 23:29:50

We recently had a kitchen from Dorset kitchens.
Our kitchen is really truly beautiful.
They are like martin Moore but a fraction of the price.
If anyone would like to photos v happy to oblige

KayS7 Fri 06-May-16 13:59:31

Midlands Kitchens is a trade customer of Krypton Kitchens. I had a problem with midland, krypton explained it wasn't anything to do with them but they replaced the sink (free of charge). I still havn't had a reply from Midland!

laura1313 Mon 30-May-16 00:06:44

we used Northfield Kitchens a company based on the Northfield High street. they were very competitive and have sample doors and a sample of how the kitchen will be delivered which is always fully assembled and we were amazed to see it on our door step in 2 weeks as promised. we had a Homebase quotation for a similar kitchen and the closest they could match with Northfield Kitchens was a flat pack kitchen taking nearly 8 weeks to deliver. We have recommended them time and time again and have never had any bad feedback. They even came to our house to double check our measurements and give us some advice.

tenerifelinda Wed 25-Jan-17 23:22:14

Stay well away from this company, run by Andy and Mark, but registered under Andy's wife's maiden name of Sarah Poulton in atherstone warks. They take your money, then if you have a problem, missing items ect, they do not pick up the phone at all. They hide behind text messages, and lie lie lie.
They also come under the name of Krypton kitchens. If you check them out they have various ccjs, insolvencies (May be the reason company in wifes name. ect., And many bad reviews, if only I had known before. Unreliable, unproffessional, cowboys.

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