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Victorian wall lights - will they make our bedroom look like a pub?

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ladyruskin Tue 23-Sep-14 15:55:58

We recently bought a Victorian terraced house that has some original features which we are really keen to keep.

There are two wooden sconces (sp?) on the chimney breast in our bedroom where the old gas lamps used to be, so we have had electrical wiring put in to make them usable.

I would really like to get some original gas lamps converted to electric (or modern replicas) and fit them but am beginning to worry that they'll make our bedroom look like a pub.

We are going to have patterned wallpaper on the chimney breast but plain painted walls in the rest of the room (the colour scheme for the walls is pale grey and white).

Any thoughts?


wonkylegs Wed 24-Sep-14 13:06:36

Our Victorian house had converted gas lamps on the wall when we moved in.
They really suited the house (I promise it looked nothing like a pub) but just not my taste, we had them removed & I have them boxed up in the garage to sell.
I think they can be nice if they match the style of the house, they look funny when people try to re-create it in a modern Barrett box house.
Oh and if you are in the NE & interested in our old ones please message me.

ladyruskin Mon 12-Jan-15 13:48:34

Just to let you have an update. We did end up putting in some wall lights. We opted for these from Heals with the exact same light bulbs as pictured. They look really good and give a softer light than the ceiling light.

I don't have any photos but if anyone wants to see the finished article I can take one.

happyfrogger Mon 12-Jan-15 18:10:16

Thanks for sharing, they look great! Any luck on patterned wallpaper? Am trying to replace patterned wallpaper beneath dado rail in hall stairs and landing in our Victorian house but no luck yet!

ladyruskin Mon 12-Jan-15 19:10:18

We got some from Farrow & Ball. Not the cheapest but as we only papered the front of the chimney breast we only used half a roll.

happyfrogger Mon 12-Jan-15 21:58:41

Lovely, will take a look!

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