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Nice south coast towns - Kent/East Sussex

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SarfEasticated Mon 22-Sep-14 15:04:02

Hot on the heels of my idea of moving further out to Norwood etc, I have gone one step further and am now thinking of leaving London altogether.

Am thinking of Eastbourne/Hastings/Folkestone and any of the towns in between. I would ideally like a sandy beach rather than a pebble beach, and would like to be able to a decent 3 bed house for under £275k. Journey time to London wouldn't be a deal breaker as we would look for jobs locally. Would like to get to London in under 1hr 45 mins though.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

MuscatBouschet Tue 23-Sep-14 01:45:38

London in under an hour isn't possible on the East Sussex coast.

Only1scoop Tue 23-Sep-14 02:10:08

Hastings and surrounding areas much longer than 45 mins by train.

Only1scoop Tue 23-Sep-14 02:12:54

So sorry just noticed you said 1hr 45 commute not 45 mins!!

SarfEasticated Tue 23-Sep-14 08:25:34

Yes - that was an unfortunate line break! 1hr45 smile

MizLizLemon Tue 23-Sep-14 08:28:41

I really like Bexhill, but it's pebbles not sand. Thanet is your best bet for sand, but Thanet is not nice, and I say that as an ex resident.

PestoSurfissimos Tue 23-Sep-14 08:30:06

Muscat, it's less than an hour from Brighton to London Victoria, by train.

springlamb Tue 23-Sep-14 08:40:07

Don't know if I'd recommend our coastal towns but inland we have some lovely small towns within 20 mins of beaches. Sand available, although you have to hunt for it.
The big pluses are property prices still reasonable, and HS1 of course, Ashford to St Pancras 37 mins. That leaves you a lot of leeway for commute time to station, but likely that would have to be by car.
If I really wanted the coast I'd go for Hythe, about 25 minutes from the station though.
If i wasn't too bothered I'd look at Tenterden, about 20 minutes from station, or Hamstreet which has a train link into Ashford.

JuniperTisane Tue 23-Sep-14 08:42:41

I agree with Springlamb. Folkestone is depressing. Hythe is much nicer.

SarfEasticated Tue 23-Sep-14 08:50:49

Good point about Tenterden springlamb it's lovely . Have only been to Hythe once so will need to re-explore. I really enjoyed hastings this summer and was struck by how much there is to do along that stretch of coast. Thanet is a no as I grew up there and am still vaguely traumatized.

PitchSlapped Tue 23-Sep-14 08:54:13

Hythe is just as shit as folkestone, the houses are just more expensive. Folkestone has a small sandy beach and dymchurch is sandy but not particuarly nice.

SarfEasticated Tue 23-Sep-14 11:14:05

Have you considered a position at the Folkestone Tourist Board PitchSlapped? grin

JuniperTisane Tue 23-Sep-14 11:20:22

Dymchurch is grim. Inland kent is definitely much nicer.

jeee Tue 23-Sep-14 11:25:18

Whitstable? Or the (rather more run down,but better-beached) Herne Bay?

SarfEasticated Tue 23-Sep-14 14:38:57

Not so much to do around Whitstable (which I do love by the way). I really appreciate all of your honest reviews. I know lots of seaside towns are economically depressed so am not expecting miracles just a huge cheap house and lovely sea viewswink

PitchSlapped Tue 23-Sep-14 17:40:49

grine ive lived in hythe for a while I just cant see the fuss with it. Theres a waitrose and a highstreet crammed with charity shops and thats about it.

JuniperTisane Tue 23-Sep-14 18:09:47

'S genteel innit Pitch? A nice genteel little seaside town full of retired people and the middle class (up the hill a bit anyway). Don't think the middle class quite get to Reachfields.

SarfEasticated Tue 23-Sep-14 18:56:24

Blimey I aspire to genteel, and a Waitrose, that's more than I dream of. I just fancy a house I can afford near a place where my dd can ride her bike, and some sea air. If I can get all this with some nice neighbours, a nice school that would like to employ me and a cafe willing to sell me a decent flat white, then all my boxes will be ticked!

I have just found living in London to be such a complete chore over the last few years and would like to have a bit more space. A recent trip to Hastings/Eastbourne/Bexhill was a bit of a revelation - nice cafes, art gallery, lots of cycle lanes, it just made me realise how my life could be a lot less stressful and a lot more pleasant.

jeee Tue 23-Sep-14 19:02:37

Ramsgate has a Waitrose. And there's a coastal cycle path. And a sandy beach.

SarfEasticated Tue 23-Sep-14 19:04:25

I can't Jee - went to school there - too many painful memories!

jeee Tue 23-Sep-14 19:07:55

In that case, it's probably a bit close to Ramsgate, but what about Broadstairs? Margate is genuinely improving. And I'd guess it's too quiet for you, but I love Minnis Bay.

SarfEasticated Tue 23-Sep-14 19:10:56

<twitches> most of Thanet has to be ruled out - maybe I need therapy! I agree that Margate is improving though - and I wish it well.

PitchSlapped Wed 24-Sep-14 06:52:24

Margate has lots of cycle lanes

SarfEasticated Wed 24-Sep-14 07:25:01

<rocks> I can't do it... too much pain...

homebythesea Wed 24-Sep-14 13:12:56

You wouldn't have to go to Ashford from Hythe to get a fast train- Folkestone West is way closer and quicker to get to London than many Home Counties Commuter belt places. Hythe is lovely as is Sandgate and into the West End of Folkestone itself (v grand old houses, some now divided into flats, joke prices compared to London). But as others have said sand in very short supply on that stretch

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