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Can anyone explain this...

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Blowitout Wed 17-Sep-14 22:04:36

What's going on with the bus in this picture?

VeryLittleGravitasIndeed Wed 17-Sep-14 22:07:26

How odd. It looks like a shop...

BananaPie Wed 17-Sep-14 22:08:17

Looks like the bus is driving past on the road outside. Property probably used to be a shop so it has a large front window directly onto the street.

Munchmallow Wed 17-Sep-14 22:10:31

The bus is going past the house or the house is by a bus stop?

By the size of the windows, it looks like a converted shop and I can't believe the price! shock

CanadianJohn Wed 17-Sep-14 22:16:18

I like the fact that the description says the kitchen includes "dinner".

Oh good, I don't have to cook anymore!

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