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Tepilo/ purple bricks, has anyone tried these?

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chocolatemartini Tue 16-Sep-14 19:57:01

Has anyone sold a property via Tepilo or purple bricks? We're not happy with our high st agent and waiting out our contract with them, and can't really see why we should pay another high st agent around 10k when we could just pay Tepilo £500. Our flat is likely to attract first time buyers and they all go on rightmove don't they? We viewed a property via Tepilo and the owners sold for a good price on their self created 'open day'. Can anyone point out any possible pitfalls?

roormerod Sat 08-Aug-15 16:13:52

I am selling a flat in Falmouth, Cornwall. Started with Purple Bricks but gave up - they took details but then never got back to me, then ignored a email asking them what was happening.
Went to Tepilo next and they seem very efficient and helpful. The valuation is done without a visit as they say they go to the same sources as the estate agents. I had valuations done by local agents who came in a good 10k below Tepilo. We have put it on the market with Tepilo, priced a bit below their suggestion and nothing much has happened in the first 3 weeks. Will probably drop the price to the local agents suggestion soon. I am not using their conveyancing service as my solicitor is cheaper (and I can bang on his door!). I think these online agents are worth it for a simple property, most people use the Rightmove/Zoopla type sites to research and that's where you need to be.

Mthornton65 Sat 22-Oct-16 21:26:40

Worst service ever.

We signed up after watching the adverts on TV expecting to get an excellent service and support from the local expert and how disappointed were we.
The valuation was carried out and the board arrived quickly and then it stopped. No support from the local expert unless we texted him and provoked a response. A low offer was made after two weeks but where was the lical expert, on holiday ans no one else on standby to negoiate. After complai ing again eventually someone was put on point to discuss the offer but this was never followed up unless we complained. The app suggest you can ask them to manage negotiations and that didn't work. Twice we rang head office and complained and they never responded on either occasion. The local expert tells us his job is to get it on the market only!!!!!!!!!@@
So totally dissatisfied with the service we asked them to take it off the market after two months and told we have to do that and if we did they would request their payment in full.
So all your paying for is a board and to be advertised on rightmost and zoopla.
Don't waste your money people unless you want to do it all yourself.
How does this poor service justify a fee of £758, what happened to no sale no fee, I guess a complaint to the ombudsman is required!

Have you seen the latest advert, well don't believe a word of it. Once it's on the market the local area agent walks away as it's not his job to do anymore!!!!!!!!
You'll get encouraging words like, ' your house is like marmite they'll either love it or hate it'.

Within 15 mins of placing this review I had an area director ring me. He investigated the complaint admitted the complaint was correct. Offered a reduction in price not cancel the fee and for another agent to look after me. The director said he would email me confirmation of our discussion to consider and guess what never recieved the email or letter. Yet more empty promises from Purplebricks.

Had to now revert to the high street agent.

Good luck.

JoJoSM2 Sun 23-Oct-16 11:12:24

We've used Property Eagle on a few occasions. They were very professional and I'd def recommend them. We did have to do our own viewings but I felt I could do a good job of it knowing the properties and the areas inside out. It also meant that people could arrange viewings at times that wouldn't have been possible through an agent.

DoorOnTheRight Sun 23-Oct-16 19:26:28

I can speak as a buyer of a property which was sold through Purple Bricks.

Fucking nightmare. Lazy, impossible to get hold of, and they failed to reveal a buyer at the top of our chain.

EssentialHummus Sun 23-Oct-16 19:31:34

As a househunter (so no experience as a client of theirs) - if you're in a competitive market where any old house is flying off the market it's probably an OK way of saving a bit on EA fees. Otherwise I wouldn't.

Properties in my area seem to stay on the market for ages with Tepilo/PB, then get transferred to a regular agent after failing to shift. I wouldn't use them from what I've seen.

sacbina Mon 24-Oct-16 15:37:47

Mum used Tepilo. All very easy, great photos, excellent communication. She highly recommends the. House sold

AnnaELC Mon 24-Oct-16 15:57:08

Started with PB and also gave up, went with a local EA in the end. I agree with others stay away from them!!

victor261277 Mon 28-Nov-16 19:21:42

Its a joke so bad there service is

The left arm has no idea what the right arm is doing

I deal with a lot of different companies due to the type of work I do and I must say this is the worst company I have ever used

Will never use them again.

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