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over-priced taking the piss dump of the week

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cerealqueen Sat 09-Aug-14 15:14:39

Literally [shocked] at the asking price, and they couldn't be even bothered to tidy up or to take down the christmas lights!

deepest Sat 09-Aug-14 15:20:15

clearly they need somewhere bigger to spread their mess to...!! or tenanted? no idea about local house prices there - but looks like a bright large house with character.........

BlardyBlaaaaa Sat 09-Aug-14 15:20:31


500internalerror Sat 09-Aug-14 15:24:06

The rooms a really big , if you ignore the mess! It's just full & busy. I like it.

DrinkFeckArseGirls Sat 09-Aug-14 15:27:02

£500,000 for a 3 bed house in a london borough is normal.

500internalerror Sat 09-Aug-14 15:28:26

It's about right price wise too, for the area - taking into account that foxtons always slightly over price! A 2 bed flat is about 250k, so actually the house looks good comparatively!

DrinkFeckArseGirls Sat 09-Aug-14 15:28:35

Location location location

Sandthorn Sat 09-Aug-14 16:12:52

I don't think it's a bad house. A bit over-full, the second bedroom looks grotty, but it has so e good points. And I know that London prices are silly (a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy, in my opinion), but FFS, look what you could get for that kind of money in another part of the country:

sidsmissis Sat 09-Aug-14 16:39:20

It's a lovely house, I really like it. Hopefully their viewers will see past the mess.

My house is going on the market next week, 5 bedrooms, large receptions and on 4 acres same price <weeps> but further north, obvs.

Tanacot Sat 09-Aug-14 17:09:08

In Yorkshire you could buy yourself a whole school: Fielden School!

Sandthorn Sat 09-Aug-14 20:39:26

Ooh, Tanacot... That looks fun!

Devora Sat 09-Aug-14 21:57:40

Love that school!

MysteriousCircusZebra Sat 09-Aug-14 22:08:55

Its not a bad house, just horribly cluttered.

CalamitouslyWrong Sat 09-Aug-14 22:13:23

The EA are doing a terrible job. Why have they picked the cluttered living room picture to come up first, rather than the one of the outside of the house?

It certainly looks like the current owners have outgrown the house. It could well be tenanted.

finestvirginia Sat 09-Aug-14 22:17:27

I love the dog in the corner of the living room.

It's a good sized house and could have a lot of potential.

4littleones Sat 09-Aug-14 22:25:59

I don't think that they haven't bothered to tidy up, I think they just have too much stuff for the space. looking at the photos they clearly have young children.

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sat 09-Aug-14 22:34:20

Love the sexxeeee photo above the bed

What a depressing shit tip. However, if you got a skip in on moving in day, I reckon it would be OK. Kitchen units etc are liveable with

coffeeslave Sat 09-Aug-14 22:34:51

I live in London and the price shocks me. It's not even a London postcode (you pay so much less for non-London postcodes) I I'm in E12 and a house like that near me would be £300k at most.

500internalerror Sat 09-Aug-14 22:37:21

And near me would be 500k on one side, 650k the other direction!

Babycino81 Sat 09-Aug-14 22:39:16

Being sold with Foxtons. Says it all. Totally agree OP, overpriced shit tip.

DrinkFeckArseGirls Sat 09-Aug-14 22:46:07

But beckhenam Is a nice area. E11 might be trendy these days but not as naice.

mixedpeppers Sat 09-Aug-14 22:59:43

Awful photos, but tbh I've got friends with homes like that who have just outgrown the space. Lots of clutter/mess but not dirty.

Possibly slightly overpriced but not absurdly so. That's London prices! It might be equally far from the centre of London than E12 but it's supposed to be a good family area (though the nearest schools aren't great, but some decent ones are a bit further away). Other 3 bed properties on the street are

£400-£450k (end of terrace)



UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Sun 10-Aug-14 05:23:52

Itsvery cluttered, but a good size. Once you look past Ihe clutter, it doesn't look as though there's that much to be done to the house.

I dont know the area at all, so can't tell if it's overprived but where I live (Cambridge) this would be a good price gor a house that size in some areas of the city, bit expensive for the cheaper areas.

HamAndPlaques Sun 10-Aug-14 07:42:54

Not surprised by the price - lots of families move out from areas like Lewisham and East Dulwich to Beckenham and Bromley and are willing to pay a premium for school catchments etc.

That bedroom must be huge - it looks like there are two (scruffily made) double beds in there!

Rooners Sun 10-Aug-14 07:53:47

I love the way they have shoved a dining table and chairs in front of the kitchen units just to make you think it will fit! LOL

but nice sizerooms and ceilings. I like original features.

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