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How does this selling houses malarkey work?

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mrsleomcgary Wed 30-Jul-14 23:59:51

I'm a first time seller, a bit clueless and don't want to let on to my agent or solicitor lol!

We accepted an offer two weeks ago, all been agreed in writing. Buyer doesn't appear to be having a survey done and has had our refreshed home report (showing no issues you wouldn't expect when buying a building over 100 years old) for a week and we've heard nothing so we're cautiously optimistic that they're happy with it. Date of entry has been agreed for 2nd September. They've nothing to sell and are cash buyers, we're buying my mums house and are beyond desperate to move so no chains on either side.

When we bought this place we were first time buyers and things may have changed since but I seem to remember speaking to our solicitor about once a week (about what i dont know!) and signing the contracts about a week before we got the keys. When I last spoke with the solicitors they said they'd be in touch when there was an update but I'm now stressing that I'm not hearing anything though I suppose that's a good thing lol!

Can anyone fill me in on what's going on in the background?

YvyB Thu 31-Jul-14 06:44:42

Just ask your estate agent for an update. That's what you're paying them for!

ThunderboltKid Thu 31-Jul-14 06:54:33

Have you properly instructed the solicitors? Signed their terms, provided ID etc? Then, they will send you the property information forms and fixtures and fittings forms to complete. They then send these to buyers solicitors who can start their searches. Your solicitor then prepares contracts, which you will need to sign, then contracts are exchanged once all searches are back and queries are dealt with. Exchange is usually about 6 weeks after you have received the first lot of forms from your solicitor. If you haven't yet had them, chase your solicitor. It means nothing has even started yet.

mrsleomcgary Thu 31-Jul-14 08:42:12

Yes,returned the forms a few days after we accepted the offer so suppose the searches are getting done now.

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