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Recommended builders near Southend, Essex?

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mabist Tue 29-Jul-14 12:27:48

Hi All,

I'm looking to get a recommendation for a good builder in Southend! We're new to the area (as we've recently bought a house here) and need to get some work done to it. We're looking at 2 separate projects really; one of them to be done in September and the 2nd job in February next year. We've had 2 builders who came round to give us quotes but one of them was far too pricey and the other I don't feel will do a very good job. They both said that the 1st job should take around 2 weeks to complete and the 2nd job would take around 6 weeks or so. I'm a little nervous about the upcoming works and do not want to end up using the wrong company and would really appreciate your recommendations. Thanks so much!!

highinthesky Wed 19-Oct-16 21:26:26

I'm resurrecting this thread as it says it all! Looking to have quite a lot of work done (double storey extension) but am very wary of shoddy work, even more so of cowboys!

Any recommendations? TIA

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