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moving from Highgate to...West London? Need your input!

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stonewalled Sun 20-Jul-14 18:36:11

American expat mom to 2yr old and 2nd baby due in Nov. We've lived in Highgate for a year now and I've decided it's not for me. Love the parks, love the family friendliness, but it's far from the things I really enjoy doing with my toddler. I'm ready to be in an area of London with more accessibility to the South Kensington museums, Hyde Park and closer to travel hubs of Paddington, Victoria, and Heathrow (we don't have a car).

Last winter was rough without a car, and a 45+ minute travel (tube/bus) into the city to interesting museums or play areas. I don't mind a playgroup or library reading once a week, but we both need more stimulation than that. I nearly lost my mind last winter trying to just do these things. I don't see myself using the tube too much once baby#2 comes along (pram, toddler, and newborn?!), so I want to be somewhere walkable or with bus access to Natural History and Science museums.

My husband and I have completely opposing views on where to move. I love Holland Park, Brook Green, and Ladbroke Grove/North Kensington neighborhoods. My husband thinks the whole of West London is boring! I think he'd rather be in East London, near Hackney or Islington, but to me those areas seem to lack some of the ease of West London, and lack interesting indoor places to go during those rainy and cold winters (the only thing I know of is the childhood museum in Bethnal Green?).

What are your perceptions of these west London neighborhoods? What does Highgate have that they don't? I see them as fairly similar, especially Holland Park and Brook Green. Are there parts of East London we should consider, too? We want to stay north of the Thames. We're planning to move within the next 6 weeks, so please any input/advice is most welcome! Thank you!

Saltedcaramel2014 Sun 20-Jul-14 18:46:56

My first reaction is 6 weeks is very soon if you haven't decided where you want to live and you have different ideas about it? Moving to be near museums seems strange to me - there's loads to do in all areas of London. I live near you now and there's classes - musical/yoga/messy play whatever every day at every time... And tons of other mums to arrange meets with... Are these specific museums really the only reason you want to move? Perhaps I'm missing something...

stonewalled Sun 20-Jul-14 21:19:27

I think just being closer to the cultural offerings in central London is what I'm missing. I know there are lots of classes for kids, but I'd like to enjoy other things beyond that.

I'm mostly looking for feedback on these neighborhoods I mentioned. I know 6 weeks is very soon, which is why I'm turning to mumsnet for some alternative opinions since we need some other input besides our own! Thanks.

CornishCreamPuff Sun 20-Jul-14 21:31:33

Well, it depends on your budget and what sort of property you want. I lived in W11 for many years, it was AWESOME with babies. We could get anywhere with public transport, 5 mins walk to Westfield, access to the museums. However we had no private outside space and on boiling hot days it got wearing having to trek to the park for playing. But that park was Kensington Palace gardens...!

We ended up moving for better state schools but if you're considering private education then W11/W10 is amazing.

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