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can I save this wood door?

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Mrsladybirdface Sun 20-Jul-14 17:44:25

This is my front door, can't currently afford to replace it. In winter it sticks and you have to kick it to open it. If I ssand and paint it will it solve this or once a door is warped is there no saving?

PigletJohn Sun 20-Jul-14 19:55:11

That appears to be an Alicante hardwood door, which is expensive and usually good quality. The colour suggests it is oak. It cost hundreds of pounds when new. It is most likely made with mortice and tenon joints, which you will not be able to see in the stiles as they will be "blind" which reflects the quality. There is a chance that it is dowelled which is not as good.

It most likely just needs a bit of planing to ease the sticking surface. It is possible that the screw hinges are loose, especially if you have been kicking it. The planed surfaces must immediately be treated to prevent damp penetration.

If you need new screws or hinges, use only brass or stainless steel. It weighs about 35kg so it needs three 100mm hinges. If you have to get new ones, get lift-off hinges which are slightly more expensive, but will make it much easier to loft off for future decorating or planing.

IME no DIYer or handyman or general builder can hang a door as accurately or as quickly as a skilled carpenter or joiner, so ask around for recommendations. However it might be possible just to plane the edge. If it needs more off than the thickness of a 2p piece, or if it sticks again with ten years, it probably needs more skilled attention, as the door, or frame, or wall, is moving.

Pay special attention to the top and bottom of the door, which are particularly prone to water penetration and are usually neglected. Sand the and apply several coats of Cuprinol Clear wood preserver, then several coats of breathing exterior woodstain. Avoid varnish which is more difficult to maintain.

You can sand it lightly with medium fine paper and a cork block. If it is stained you can use the same stain again. If it is varnished it will all have to come off.

PigletJohn Sun 20-Jul-14 19:59:23


the weatherbar at the bottom, if done correctly, will be fixed with four brass screws from inside the door and there should be no screws or holes on the outside. In which case you can easily take off to sand and stain. The weatherbar and the bottom of the door are the parts most likely to be affected by rain, unless it is in a porch.

Mrsladybirdface Sun 20-Jul-14 21:26:04

Thanks PJ, it's definitely been varnished, but bubbling and starting to peel. Under this I can see beautiful looking oak confused

it was fairly protected under a carport until recently, but6t we've removed this so I can see the damage is only going to get worse.

PigletJohn Sun 20-Jul-14 22:12:00

to sand off all the varnish, you might as well buy a low-price orbital sander from Aldi or Lidl. It will have at least a year's guarantee, so, even though cheap, will last long enough.

You will still have to do the mouldings of the panels and around the glass with your fingers. Take the glass out first, and buy or make some new glazing beads. The old ones are pretty sure to be in a poor state. Use brown or black Glazing Tape when you refit the glass.

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