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build a fence in my garden

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paulbrogden2007 Sun 20-Jul-14 00:04:08

hi guys just bought a 2 floor flat mine is the up stairs one. the other guy has the ground floor we both have a garden each he has back i got front depending what direction your looking. I was wondering can i put a pence up I want a little play area for my niece and wondering whats the rules. the flat has been bought on a 66 year thing free hold I think I talked to the neighbour next door and he seemed ok with a small fence but when I talked about maybe a bit higher he seemed unsure whats the rules I am still undecided weather to put up a small one or a high one.

msfreud Sun 20-Jul-14 06:43:44

It sounds like you have a leasehold flat (with a lease that's getting quite short now, look into extending it as soon as you can!). So you need to speak to your freeholder and ask for permission.

Do other houses on the street have fenced front gardens? It's unusual to do that.

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