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Window fastener

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Monkeymummy1 Sat 19-Jul-14 23:37:15

We are currently having our windows in our edwardian semi restored. We have to choose catchment stays and side fasteners. The choice is extensive and I have no idea what to go with or if it even matters. Biggest choice is, do I go with some form of silver finish (shine or matt) or do I go with a charcole finish that could be painted the same as the window frame? I feel totally ridiculous even asking this! I've never even noticed the fasteners on any windows before, possibly why I don't have a clue! Thoughts ...anyone? TIA!

MillyMollyMama Sat 19-Jul-14 23:56:13

I would look at Jim Lawrence and choose something in keeping with the style and age of the house. Have you done any research on suitable styles and finishes?

MillyMollyMama Sun 20-Jul-14 00:01:09

Don't paint the same colour as the frame! Try black wrought iron or pewter finish.

PigletJohn Sun 20-Jul-14 00:03:55

Edwardian, not chrome.

Pref not shiny brass

Bronze or black iron OK

Try not to paint as it will get many future coats.

Unscrew when the window is painted.

What colour are the frames and sashes?

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