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Got a green (sedum) flat roof?

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MissMysticFalls Sat 19-Jul-14 23:16:10

We'll need to replace our traditional flat roof in the next year or two according to the surveyor and I've had the idea of going for a green roof - a sedum (extensive) roof which I'm hoping is lightweight enough to go on the extension.

Has anyone any experience of these kinds of roofs? Do they really add insulation and soundproofing?


MillyMollyMama Sat 19-Jul-14 23:24:13

Have just come back from Norway where I saw lots of them. The Norwegians seem to like them but lots of them were in a poor state of repair. This may mean they need more care and attention than at first you might expect. The other aspect of them I would be wary of, is what happens if they hold too much water? In a conventional flat roof, there is actually a slight slope to facilitate drainage. Is this the same on a sedum roof. I would be quite keen to give it a go though.

sacbina Sun 20-Jul-14 01:04:42

was on a thread not that long ago asking about a sedum roof. try a search?

MissMysticFalls Sun 20-Jul-14 07:22:25

Thanks both of you. I tried a search but will try again with different terms.

Ladycurd Sun 20-Jul-14 07:33:27

We have a sedum roof on our bike shed, has a slight slope built in, no maintenance at all but we have watered it if very dry, it's been very low maintenance as if a patch dies off (a bin got rested on it when we had scaffolding up) it will self seed and fill in.
Is great. If our flat roof on extension needs replacing I'd go for sedum for sure.

MissMysticFalls Sun 20-Jul-14 09:19:43

Oh thanks ladycurd - I'd actually be excited about replacing the flat roof if we were going to go for sedum - otherwise it's just a tedious maintenance expense. And we have very little garden so it will help feel like we're greening the area a bit - although we'll have to stand on a step ladder to enjoy it smile

Pinkfizzy Sun 20-Jul-14 12:59:04

Worth getting dome rl advice. I was told by a green/eco consultant that one of the problems can be squirrels planting chestnuts etc and lo & behold a 12 " plant appears almost overmight. Also birds nesting or pecking bald patches. This could easily happen here-already is in my garden. I wouldn't be able to garden up a storey easily, so decide if you could. smile

MissMysticFalls Sun 20-Jul-14 13:34:02

Hmm. Good points. There are a couple of specialist firms in our area that guarantee the roofs (and roots not penetrating) for 20 years so I'll check it out and see if I can talk to one of their clients.

Ladycurd Sun 27-Jul-14 08:27:34

We've never had a problem with birds although when there were bald patches we did have issue with cats using as litter tray!

MissMysticFalls Sun 27-Jul-14 08:44:44

Not something they ever show on Grand Designs lady smile

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