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Day bed with trundle or standard double bed for spare room

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Beaverfeaver2 Sat 19-Jul-14 22:41:10

We have moved house to a cottage in the countryside.

This means that we are further from friends but friends want to come and visit.

We have a spare room that needs to be able to sleep people occasionally and also function as a part time office space.

It's not huge.

Double beds are not big and can fit but are there 100% of time

day beds are small when folded away but when set up for 2 people to sleep are super king size and would take up most available floor space.

What would you do?

GatheringRequirements Sat 19-Jul-14 22:46:35

I would go for day beds as they can be folded when not in use

sacbina Sat 19-Jul-14 23:21:02

day bed, definitely. hate going to friends where I have to squeeze into a double with dh. I'm used to a superking so probably a bit selfish1

burnishedsilver Sat 19-Jul-14 23:32:12

Fold away wall bed?

MillyMollyMama Sat 19-Jul-14 23:46:54

Do you have storage for the day beds or will you have to look at them? I hate looking at folded beds! I actually prefer to see a bed in a bedroom for guests and I like sleeping on one too, even if it is a standard. Proper beds are usually more comfortable.

Artandco Sun 20-Jul-14 15:49:16

Proper bed IMO

You can always push it against the wall with pillows similar to day bed anyway.

sacbina Sun 20-Jul-14 16:08:03

we have day beds for guests and by that I mean two singles, one stored underneath. so can be separate or as a superking.

more flexibility, more room to sleep on, you still have a bed in the room but also room for your office

makes much more sense

Lilymaid Sun 20-Jul-14 16:11:53

we have day beds for guests and by that I mean two singles, one stored underneath. so can be separate or as a superking
We have a single bed with a similar sized bed stored underneath though our singles are 2' 6"" making a 5' double bed when together. Works very well.

LondonGirl83 Sun 20-Jul-14 17:16:39

Do what works best for the rooms primary function as an office.

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