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What colour paint with Teal bedroom furnishings

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Nevercan Tue 15-Jul-14 06:52:46

Currently having an extension built and cannot decide what colour to paint our master bedroom. I have a teal blue duvet, curtains, pillows. What colour would you choose? Thanks

wowfudge Tue 15-Jul-14 07:39:04

Do an internet search for the colour wheel - the BBC website has one with guidance which looks easy to use.

On the colour wheel I'd either go for one of the colours either side of teal which work with it or one of the ones a third of the way round for a more striking combination.

Because teal is a strong colour I would use predominantly white with one wall in your chosen colour and add accessories in that colour and others which work with it. Hope that helps.

eurochick Tue 15-Jul-14 07:41:03

Our spare room is teal and cream. I think it looks lovely.

insancerre Tue 15-Jul-14 07:44:27

We have teal accessories in our bedroom. We have painted it a beigey coffee colour.

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtle Tue 15-Jul-14 07:45:22

Our living room is very pale blue walls with teal and grey furniture.

Nevercan Thu 17-Jul-14 13:35:26

Thanks they all sound lovely combinations. I will check out the wheel as I am intrigued :-)

Nevercan Thu 17-Jul-14 13:36:26

What colour carpets do you think would look nice too? I would rather stay away from white/cream carpets with the kids etc.

juneybean Thu 17-Jul-14 13:37:14

I'm hoping to go grey in my teal room but that might be too close to cream for you. What about chocolate?

ArtyBat Thu 17-Jul-14 13:40:00

Chocolate with highlights of silver!

cazzabazza Sat 19-Jul-14 19:31:04

I would go with a beige/stone/latte/taupe sort of colour

Wait4nothing Sat 19-Jul-14 19:34:38

We have a teal chimney breast wall in living room and have a stone colour on the other walls (b&q colours - Lauren). Also have tiny bits of green and beige.

bigTillyMint Sat 19-Jul-14 19:36:37

I have just ordered a tealish sofa for our kitchen which has dark wood floor and will have jasmine white walls, so am hoping it will look good!

123rd Sat 19-Jul-14 20:45:42

Our bedroom has one wall in teal. The rest is grey. With a grey carpet. Was going to grey curtains but have chosen a faux silk teal colour. The grey was dulux chic shadow

Nevercan Tue 22-Jul-14 19:25:04

Thanks everyone some lovely ideas :-)

SarkyWench Tue 22-Jul-14 20:46:47

Go to the design seeds website to find colour sets that include your colour.

Solo Tue 22-Jul-14 20:48:21

Natural hessian paint.

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