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Charles Rennie Mackintosh kitchens - anyone heard of/used? spec good?

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lovingmatleave Sat 05-Jul-14 21:24:06

On the lookout for a new kitchen. Probably white gloss with handles. So far have a quote from local shop using Khulmann units. Looks v. nice but bit expensive (17k inc appliances and fitting).

Visited another local shop today. They showed me a white gloss Charles Rennie Mackintosh kitchen which was nice but I've never heard of them. Going back on Monday to see a design and she reckons it will be slightly cheaper than the quote we already have.

CRM kitchens are based in Doncaster. Here is there blurb about the units.

Rigid assembly glue and dowel.
Base units - 15mm solid back
Wall units - 8mm solid back
Soft close doors
delivered assembled

Does this sound good? They have a 10 year guarantee - I thought would be more?

Anyone any experience of them?

kmdesign Sun 06-Jul-14 21:02:58

CRM are decent but if you can stretch your budget to a Kuhlmann (or similar quality German brands like Hacker, Schuller etc) you will be buying a MUCH better product for relatively little money.

Most of the CRM range is based around vinyl/foil wrapped doors. Units with Solid backs add no value whatsoever are are usually used to mask poor carcase construction by putting in rigidity that proper carcase construction should provide. What they dont tell you about is the materials used to carcase edging, detailing such as shelf numbers, depths, edging, carcase heights.

Warranties mean very little. A kitchen will show any defects within 2-3 months of installation. Ikea also offer a 25 year warranty but that doesnt make it a better kitchen.

PigletJohn Sun 06-Jul-14 21:43:09

if they are foil-wrapped, I find that poor. It is thin vinyl sheet and peels off from heat or damp or wear. You usually notice it above a kettle or toaster or near a dog's water bowl, but sometimes you see it peeling on display doors if the showroom has not been quick enough to swap them for replacements.

Mackintosh was a fashionable Scots designer, at his peak in the early C20th. His original furniture, in older houses and in museums, displays quite shoddy cabinetmaking (ducks) so I expect the kitchen fronts are not his designs, but a modern facsimile intended to give an impression of his style. I used to work with a Lancastrian who was a great enthusiast.

PigletJohn Sun 06-Jul-14 21:50:15


I see from Wiki that he was more noted as an architect, though few of his designs were built. My view is obviously biased by seeing more of his furniture and indoor joinery.

lovingmatleave Sun 06-Jul-14 22:49:42

thanks km design - v. useful. I will ask her more about the doors tomorrow. The designer I spoke to re the Khulman one did explain how they got the gloss finish as she had seen it in the German factory and it all sounded very good. The only thing is I haven't actually seen a sample of one of their cabinets - only a small sample to show the colours and finish which is kind of putting me off.

piglet - the name y of the company really put me off. I am a Glaswegian so know CRM designs all too well and there was a phase in the early 90s when everyone had necklaces with his designs which really put me off. Thankfully the kitchen I looked at was sleek white gloss (although I did spot a light wooden kitchen with a nod to his style which I quickly said no to).

AgentProvocateur Sun 06-Jul-14 23:07:35

Piglet john, he was a genius architect. Take a look at the Glasgow School Of Art (before the recent fire). He was a holistic designer - for example, as well as designing the building and interiors of the Willow Tea Rooms, he designed the uniforms. However, the Charles Rennie Mockintosh industry that has developed in the last couple of decades is pretty naff.

lovingmatleave Tue 08-Jul-14 18:16:14

ok after useful advice here, I got my question in about the doors, but never got an answer as she was interrupted and then the chat changed 8by my husband) to building warrant stuff. Will go back again though as she did a fab alternative kitchen layout and had loads of lovely samples of worktops and flooring. Spent about 2.5 hours there!

kmdesign Wed 09-Jul-14 10:52:11

If you are going down the Kuhlman route, find out what type of gloss it is. They may also offer vinyl wraps. You really want to get gloss laminates, acrylic or lacquered doors depending on your budget.

spillersofchard Tue 09-Jun-15 15:56:55

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