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Moving to Manchester

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ZiggyZogpops Tue 24-Jun-14 22:21:11

I’m looking for some help and advice if possible. It’s my first post here, so please forgive if I get anything wrong!

Basically, we’re going to be moving to Manchester at the end of the year, and are hoping to buy somewhere when we move, and avoid having to rent while we work out what’s what. We’re in the Midlands at the moment, and will be moving for work – neither of us knows Manchester at all, so we are completely at square one. I’ll be working at the Uni and will need to drive to work; DH will be working in the City Centre too (Spinningfields) and could either drive or use public transport.

We have a DD, who is two, so we really need to make educational choices a big part of this decision. I’ve heard that in Manchester/Cheshire, as is probably true everywhere, the areas with good primaries are often over-subscribed, so even if you’re in catchment etc, you can struggle to get a place.

So, I’m looking for help. We have six months to work it all out, and I’m hoping that, with the collective wisdom of all you good people, you can help shed some light on the options.

What I would really appreciate is thoughts or comments on the areas that people have mentioned to us at interviews etc. The ‘short’ list comprises: Sale, Altrincham, Didsbury (in various directions East, West and so on), Heaton Moor/Chapel/Mersey, Bowdon (though possibly unaffordable based on what I’ve seen on Rightmove), Bramhall, Marple.
I’ve watched enough Phil & Kirsty (or should that be Kirsty & Phil?) to know that you never get everything you want, but the things that will matter to us are:

•Schools (nursery, primary and secondary) – we’d prefer state as that’s more our sort of thing, but aren’t ideologically wedded to it
•Gardens/Greenness of the area – we live in a very leafy, tree-y place where you get lots of families and can get a decent sized garden with a house and would like to keep a bit of that if we can in the place we live
•Stuff for kids to do, and ways for our daughter (and us, as well) to make friends in our new home – could be sports or other community things.
•Commute – we love our daughter and would rather spend time with her than on trains/trams/traffic jams, so a reasonable commute is important
•House Prices – we can’t compete with footballers!

And that’s about it. If you live in/know these places, and would be willing to tell me what you think, I would really, really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance


Jennys2108 Wed 16-Jul-14 23:43:05

There are loads of dance classes in and around sale, most of my DDs' friends dance, we're on a waiting list! Swimming pool nearby (council, but ok) gymnastics, play groups, rainbows, theatre. Sale has a lot to offer, but the town centre does lack 'heart' (we blame the trafford centre!)
I've especially loved living here since DD1 started school, whenever we're out and about we see people we know. It's very friendly.

deepest Thu 17-Jul-14 00:39:47

There are loads of dance classes/activities in every affluent area -- always plenty of entrepreneurs around to prize the hard earned cash out of parents wallets for their dc's enrichment/entertainment/education...!!

mandy214 Thu 17-Jul-14 08:58:51

OP click through on this link, its called Raring2Go, its a little magazine that is published in Trafford (might be other places too) but it has a list of all the classes for babies / toddlers / children in the back of it by area / day of the week. Not sure if there is a section that covers Lymm, but there is one for Knutsford / Sale / Altrincham etc. This is the online version, not sure its as comprehensive as the book - you could perhaps request a copy or if you're ever in the area, you can pick them up from libraries / cafes etc.

Pre School Classes

You might also want to google Sale Private Day Nursery - it came in for some negative publicity a while ago. Have no personal knowledge of it so perhaps its unfair of me to point it out, but I personally would be wary of that particular recommendation.

deepest Thu 17-Jul-14 13:10:43

OP -- what are your thoughts on renting for a while -- does it not appeal?

bughunt Thu 17-Jul-14 22:10:56

Happitots on Dane Road is an excellent Nursery. Mine were very happy there. There's almost an excess of nurseries and Primary Schools in Sale Moor. Lots of good choice.

TheMightyMing Thu 17-Jul-14 22:22:51

I live in the Heatons. My son goes to a Trafford Grammar, though I would have been more than happy with Priestnall if it hadn't come off. Primaries are all pretty good but there have some issues with shortage of spaces which I believe is being addressed by a new school on the old North area college site , where a new housing estate is being built.

The tram is a short drive away in East Didsbury where there is masses of parking.Train is 9 mins into Mcr. I drive to Mcr for work in 15-30 mins in the morning.

You mentioned lack of parks, there are a number of really lovely ones, plus lots of open green space, fields and a lovely Common.

I absolutely love it here.

wigwam33 Fri 18-Jul-14 11:36:54

Have just PM'd you.

littl3lady Sun 20-Jul-14 00:33:47

Wilmslow and Didsbury have the highest number of resident students living there, though the houses are large and schools are decent and excellent commute. Altringham is nice and leafy, middle class area, good schools.

All the area's you have listed are on the metrolink route.

I have lived in East Manchester all my life, but on a council estate. Myself and all my siblings have university degree's and work, so I guess it is what you make of it.....

good luck x

TheMightyMing Sun 20-Jul-14 10:26:13

Primary schools can be a real issue in Didsbury- there was a thread on here about someone who had to go private as offered nothing suitable. Usually Rc will get a place at St Caths though.

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