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Cast iron radiators and carpets

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onceipopicantstop Wed 18-Jun-14 21:15:23

Hi we're looking at putting traditional style cast iron radiators in a house we're renovating. Downstairs will be wooden floors so straightforward, but upstairs will be carpeted. Because of the weight of the radiators they would have feet rather than be wall mounted. We can't decide whether this would look ok on top of carpet? Has anyone done this?

Teaandtoast1 Wed 18-Jun-14 21:41:04

I've not done it but think it will look fine. Where are you getting the radiators from?

onceipopicantstop Thu 19-Jun-14 20:18:29

Haven't found a supplier yet, but think we will buy new rather than restored. I think it will look fine having feet on top of carpet but dh thinks it will look "naff"!!

Teaandtoast1 Thu 19-Jun-14 21:56:35

I would have it on carpet, it ul be fine. I've been looking at these radiators too, they are expensive but really nice.

PigletJohn Fri 20-Jun-14 06:05:11

Put the radiators in first, then fit the carpets round them.

RadiatorRenovator Tue 15-Jul-14 17:24:47

Hi everyone.
Were a small family run business in based in Halifax specialising in original and heritage style cast iron radiators.
We had the same dilemma when we were fitting our own radiators into our own home, our customers always wonder which way too!
Our preference (in hindsight having originally gone for the other option) is to fit the carpet first. Carpets don't look their best when cut round radiator feet and you will be left with big holes in the carpet should you decide to move the radiators at any point in the future. Indeed, perish the thought of 'vandalizing' a perfectly good carpet. Cast iron radiators will sit fine on a carpet and, due to the weight, will snuggle in quite nicely over a short period of time.
Just about the only thing you need to consider is the carpet gripper which will mean the radiator will need to sit an extra inch or so away from the wall 9or it will be unbalanced by the gripper) or you merely need to leave a gap in the gripper where the feet will sit.
If you'd like to have a look at our website, there are a number of blogs containing helpful advice on cast iron related subjects.

osconpoco1978 Wed 18-May-16 11:08:26

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bitmamede1982 Thu 19-May-16 09:56:22

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carbatafil1973 Mon 30-May-16 09:43:33

Hey there. It will look fine! The cast iron radiators in our house are installed in that way and we haven’t had any problems about it so far.

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