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Realistic expectations (for a house in Didsbury)??

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Clawdy Sun 15-Jun-14 17:13:59

Lucky you,both lovely houses in a great place. smile

Inkblinkandmustard Sat 14-Jun-14 20:54:26

I'm sorry OP I can't remember. I think they must have taken it off and relisted it now

Aria11 Sat 14-Jun-14 20:52:24

Thank you again for all the suggestions!
Queen of Thorns, I had heard of the Leverhulme antique village but did not know of surrounding shops, I will definitely look into these, as I was also thinking that it would be good to put in a fireplace/wood-burning stove. The downstairs floor is covered with carpet, we hope we will be able to remove it ourselves and polish the floorboards (hopefully it will be ok).
Pinkje, yeah, it seems it is going to be ours, if all goes well. And I hope that it will be a good house for our family, let's see.

Pinkje Sat 14-Jun-14 16:27:22

Oh, re-read your first post, it is yours, congratulations.

Pinkje Sat 14-Jun-14 16:25:55

Both are sold STC; OP is that to you?

QueenOfThorns Sat 14-Jun-14 14:20:51

Oh, I just looked again - the floors downstairs look like laminate. I wonder whether the original boards are there underneath?

QueenOfThorns Sat 14-Jun-14 14:19:28

It doesn't look too bad to me! There are a few places in Levenshulme that do antique fireplaces - if you find one of the right era for your living room, you would have a good focal point. We got one from a place on the main road, just across from the antiques village, but I can't remember the name.

Alternatively, if you want something to actually heat the room as well as look pretty, maybe put a wood burner in.

It looks like all your floors are already done, so that's a bonus!

Teaandtoast1 Sat 14-Jun-14 11:01:18

I think that's more than doable, I was expecting the first one to be a right wreck. Once the first ones all cleared out and it's a blank canvas it will look better as a starting point. I go on Pinterest and get ideas there. Good luck. X

caroldecker Sat 14-Jun-14 10:25:11

Looking at the descriptions, one kitchen is 10x9, the other is 10x6, so quite a bit narrower

Aria11 Sat 14-Jun-14 09:37:27

Thank you all for the useful and encouraging messages. We've never undertaken such work before and we are a bit concerned that it will be too much for us. We already had a builder to come and see it and he gave us a quote for the kitchen extension and the staircase, around 20k for the kitchen (top range materials and finish but not the kitchen units themselves) and around 7k for moving the staircase (with which I was positively surprised, as I was expecting it to be much more). But, of course, it needs all this other work that you mention, e.g. doors, moldings etc.

Caroldecker, I looked at them again and they are exactly the same in terms of size across the three floors (4 including the cellars). The second does not have a 3-storey extension but it seems to have a bigger garden, which of course is important.

Inkblinkandmustard, I did not know that the house had been on the market for long. We only started looking at Didsbury a couple of months ago and the first time we noticed it went up on the market was last January but at a higher price (375k). I really hope this has to do with the fact that it was tenanted and that the layout is strange (although hopefully this can change). Do you remember, by any chance, the price at which it was on for when you looked at it?

caroldecker Fri 13-Jun-14 21:03:20

The second house has a bigger extension on the back which goes up 3 stories, whilst the first is smaller and only 2 stories, so less space to play with. The location of the stairs also makes it harder to get the same flow as they are across the middle of the house rather than down one side

ThePerfectNegroni Fri 13-Jun-14 20:46:32

It wouldn't be that difficult at all. Replacing doors, replastering, replacing all mouldings (skirting boards, architraving etc) would instantly lift it. The loft conversion might be an arse.

Inkblinkandmustard Fri 13-Jun-14 20:43:25

We actually looked at that house 4 years ago, it's been on the market a long time. I remember the layout was a bit odd, but it's a good size, I think you could make it lovely, maybe extend the kitchen, and I'd reinstate the wall between the hall and the living room. It's in a great position for the village

level3at6months Fri 13-Jun-14 20:29:13

I might not be looking hard enough, but apart from a new kitchen and redone bathroom it doesn't look hugely different to me. I wouldn't expect it would cost lots to do to your taste (unless your taste is ridiculously expensive?!)

CoilRegret Fri 13-Jun-14 20:24:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IWillYeah Fri 13-Jun-14 18:09:47

Its a really nice house and you could easily do it up to match the second house, and for far less than the difference in price!

CoilRegret Fri 13-Jun-14 18:05:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Teaandtoast1 Fri 13-Jun-14 18:00:04

Sorry but the links don't seem to work on the ipad, can't see the pics :-(

Aria11 Fri 13-Jun-14 14:58:59


after months of search and plenty of unsuccessful bids, we bid successfully for a house. The house though was tenanted and needs quite a lot of work, including in the kitchen and bathroom ( My question is how realistic are our expectations? Would it be possible to turn it into something like this ( Or are we day-dreaming? I have to add that we won't be able to afford doing any substantial work immediately (even though we want desperately to move the staircase) but the idea was to do things slowly, as we intend to stay there for at least 7-8 years. Any advice/experience would be extremely helpful!

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