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Cream kitchen units - what colour work top?

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FakaP Sun 08-Jun-14 17:43:05

Just that really, getting new kitchen and decided on cream units, but can't decide on work top.

We have narrowed to down to light wooden, or contrasting dark granite type but will probably go for laminate equivalent due to price!

Welcome your ideas!

mcdog Sun 08-Jun-14 17:56:39

We have quite a dark wood. I really like it smile

17leftfeet Sun 08-Jun-14 18:04:26

Walnut or dark oak laminate look really good against cream

FakaP Sun 08-Jun-14 18:11:24

Darker tones are probably my preference, but I see pictures of light wood which look lovely. So hard to decide!

rebeccamg Sun 08-Jun-14 21:55:18

We've had black granite with high gloss units and then in our last house had an incredible kitchen - already in when we moved in thankfully but it had high gloss units with this incredible white cream stone top. Gorgeous.

If laminate though I think the gloss black xx

wowfudge Mon 09-Jun-14 14:09:55

I'd go for the wood look as it is softer, warm and homely. I think dark shiny work surfaces have had their day, although loads of people have them.

MulberryPeony Mon 09-Jun-14 16:43:34

We have cream units in the main kitchen - pinky/grey/brown granite, utility - cheap black laminate, and craft room - chapel oak (grey wash oak) Duropal laminate.

I personally love the chapel oak the best.

survivingsummer Mon 09-Jun-14 20:42:56

We have cream units and duropal laminate worktop in a light beech effect. It was exactly as seen in the showroom - wouldn't have thought of the lighter colour myself but love, love it! We have stronger colours on the walls as a contrast. Might depend on the amount of natural light you have in your kitchen as to what would work best?

Karbea Mon 09-Jun-14 21:23:27

I'd go with something like this.

hiddenhome Mon 09-Jun-14 23:24:15

We have cream units and beech worktops. The kitchen looks cosy, but bright and airy.

unrealhousewife Tue 10-Jun-14 10:11:37

What style cream, shaker, gloss, country, modern, neutral?

FakaP Thu 12-Jun-14 00:02:46

Thanks for the replies, we have decided on the darker granite, I think!

Tabithasgran Thu 12-Jun-14 07:27:54

honed or polished? IMO honed is easier to look after!

Mooycow Thu 12-Jun-14 09:35:15

high gloss cabinets in new house , had black fake granite looking work tops (cheap and plastic looking ) really wanted shiny black granite. we got the over the top granite tops in gloss black, much cheaper than full granite , but
shows every crumb, flake ,sugar granule ,smear sad

sugarhoops Thu 12-Jun-14 09:43:26

Sorry, coming to this thread a little late, but we had a new kitchen 2 years ago - high gloss cream. We chose Kashmir white granite (whitey/grey), looks completely gorgeous against the cream units.
Plus the bonus is, you can't see all the grubby fingerprints that kids leave on worktops (like other posters have said you can with black granite).
Good luck whatever you chose!

betold Thu 12-Jun-14 16:19:50

We have black granite with our cream gloss units, looks great when it's clean (not very often) but all the crumbs show up and the sticky spots hide until you put your hand on them sad

My DM has just got gloss cream units with a light brown granite, looks great and is easier to clean.

Julia57yellow Thu 16-Jul-15 14:32:25

Hi peeps, I have a cream and granite gloss kitchen, I chose Kashmir gold worktops, it looks sensational!!! I had star Galaxy before, beautiful shiny black with gold sparkly bits in. It looks beautiful but beware, it is a PIG to clean, I wouldn't go down that route again unless I had a motorised cleaner strapped to my arm������

Chicksy Fri 17-Jul-15 19:05:27

I second the Kashmir white granite with cream units. I had dark granite before. Never again shows up every finger print. I love the lighter colour.

HoneyDragon Fri 17-Jul-15 20:29:34

I have a cream shaker kitchen and dark oak work tops

DownAtFraggleRock Fri 17-Jul-15 20:38:06

Cream/white shaker units and a creamy/speckly/sparkly quartz here - looks v nice

Marmitelover55 Sat 18-Jul-15 10:07:49

We have vanilla shaker units (slightly more yellowy than cream) and have ivory fantasy granite. Think it looks good smile

Belleview Sat 18-Jul-15 11:07:34

Hwowfudge is spot on. Avoid the dark worktop look. It looks way too harsh.

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