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Have you/do you know anyone who has compromised on location?

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Openup41 Tue 03-Jun-14 18:23:27

My cousin is in tears after having another issue with the neighbours. He is always playing loud house music.

I went to view the property with her and although quiet, it was very much on the rough side - 'dogs beware' and English flag stickers on doors, black bin bags in front of gate, lots of street litter.

I advised her against it and suggested a smaller property on a nicer road. She went ahead as she loved the space in the house. She has 4 dc and previously lived in a 2 bed.

She is signed into the contract for another 6 months.

How can I console her? I am resisting saying the words "I told you so".

LondonGirl83 Tue 03-Jun-14 19:46:37

Why would you want to say I told you so? 6 months isn�t an eternity. Just help her find a new place in her budget in a nicer part of town. She can spend time away from the current environment checking out new areas and visiting at different times of day to ensure it is what she is really looking for.

Alternatively, help her find someone to take over her rental contract so she can leave sooner.

Openup41 Tue 03-Jun-14 22:18:56

Thanks. She is very down about it.

Gingerandcocoa Wed 04-Jun-14 08:02:38

Could she try to get out of the contract? Perhaps she can find someone to take over the rent?

Iseenyou Wed 04-Jun-14 08:08:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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