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Hotdoggy Mon 02-Jun-14 22:01:02

We would like to put in a window in our basement, so that the bathroom has a little of natural light, but more importantly for ventilation. DH thinks the cost would be extortionate, as it would involve digging down, and reinforcing the land back securely so that a window could be installed. He also thinks that all the waste pipes run along that wall and it would be impossible to do. Have you had to do this and was it worth it? Any advice would be welcomed on this as we are at loggerheads.

CanadianJohn Tue 03-Jun-14 03:42:51

Have you considered a glass block window, with ventilation? This link is US, but I'm sure you can get them in the UK

OnePlanOnHouzz Tue 03-Jun-14 08:55:19

from a safety angle I think it would be a price worth paying ! to be able to escape through a window in the event of a fire is priceless !
I would consider it a necessary, rather than a luxury !

Hotdoggy Wed 04-Jun-14 00:20:39

CanadianJohn thanks for the link. I think the issue we would have is the amount of light we'd get as it would look straight out onto reinforced steel or brick to hold back the earth and then there's a 6ft fence about a meter away from that. I just wonder if anyone has lived in a property with a similar problem and what their thoughts are?
OnePlan, we've got a door in another part of the basement so could escape from it if had a fire. It's the potential cost of doing this and whether it is worth it for the light I'm hoping to get.

CanadianJohn Wed 04-Jun-14 05:14:44

Could you install a window well? It is a semi-circular steel "wall" which retains the earth, and allows light to get to the window.

Some pix here (once again, US site).

Hotdoggy Wed 04-Jun-14 22:22:32

Wow CanadianJohn, this is brilliant! I've not heard or seen anything like this. Will definitely be following this up with the company to see if they can supply in the UK. Thanks.

CanadianJohn Thu 05-Jun-14 06:25:56

Here's a UK supplier:

I'm sure you can Google as well as I.

Hotdoggy Thu 05-Jun-14 21:52:54

CanadianJohn thank you for the link and replying to my thread. You've really helped us out with with problem.

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