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Insuring our home while letting through airbnb.

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blissieblue Fri 30-May-14 15:48:21

We're considering letting our home for a few weeks this summer while we go elsewhere - mainly to make some extra cash. We live in a seaside suburb of a very popular city so I think we'd get some takers. My main concern is the insurance we need to cover ourselves and the property in the event of any damage / accidents. Our mortgage company are fine with it but our home insurer said they wouldn't cover us. I'm not sure we need full blown landlord insurance as it's only short term stays and it is our main home for the majority of the year. Does anyone have any experience of this? Thanks!

Chatelaine123 Tue 03-Jun-14 22:15:54

blissieblue - I'm in the UK and have recently registered with Airbnb. In preparation we contacted our home insurance company to explain what we wanted to achieve and discuss our requirements. It confirmed my research, that we would need Public Liability Insurance, which we have taken out with another company. We have kept our original home insurance with the adjustments of removing accidental damage. Sorry, you just need to keep on the phone with your company until you are satisfied. We are resident hosts so slightly different. Airbnb, very pleased to have found them smile

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