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Estate Agents have asked what I want them to do to sell my property

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mummyof2munchkins Thu 29-May-14 21:54:59

After having a nightmare with tennants who caused a huge amount of damage in the property we rented out - we have refurbished, new flooring, carpets, blinds and decorated. House now looks really nice.

We put it up for sale 6 weeks ago with an agent who claimed to have buyers waiting for property in the area. EA recommended putting the house on for £100k. We really need to sell ASAP - we have lost a fortune on this house so far. We decided to put it on for £94,950 to push for a fast sale.

So 6 weeks later we have had only 1 viewing - that was somebody who wasnt in a position to buy.

I have had several discussions with the EA - they have basically said nobody is buying in that area at the moment and do I want them to knit a buyer. shock Several larger houses have sold in the area recently.

There is nothing for sale in the area close to my price - there is a house for sale opposite with dated decor that is up for £125k. The photos all look ok in my naive opinion.

So I don't know what to do next - do I lower the price, change EA????

Any advice would be very gratefully received.

Babycino81 Thu 29-May-14 21:57:24

Change agents. Been in this position and it's the only way forward, so sorry for you as I know it's a heartache and the longer your agents have it on right move, when you love to another agent, savvy viewers may gather you're desperate and offer even less???
Majority for lack of grammar, feeding baby and on iPhone!

Good luck

TeamEdward Thu 29-May-14 21:58:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mummyof2munchkins Thu 29-May-14 22:14:46

Is it still possible to advertise as 5% deposit paid. I know that was very attractive to us when we bought the house as first time buyers many years ago. I'm not sure if its even allowed now.

If I could put the price up and offer 5% deposit paid do you think that would make a difference.

ExcuseTypos Thu 29-May-14 22:18:34

I'm not sure if you can do the 5% deposit thing, but I agree with changing the agent, get new photos done and put the price up. Your agents sounds incompetent and rude.

GemmaTeller Thu 29-May-14 22:22:09

Change agents.

We had ours up for six months with one agency who were crap, brought another agency in and they sold it for us within three weeks.

mummyof2munchkins Fri 30-May-14 18:14:04

Thanks for the advice. I've told the EA that we want to move agents - we have to wait another 2 weeks but hopefully that will give them an incentive to do somenthing quickly.

I asked about the 5% deposit paid - the agent I spoke to wasn't sure if this is allowed any more so will check shock. It's amazing to think I'll pay this agency almost £2k if they sell my house and they don't even know the basics.

It seems I'd have better advice here.

Aberchips Tue 03-Jun-14 12:44:29

2k for a £95k sale?? Definitely change agents! Whereabouts in the country are you?

ThePerfectNegroni Tue 03-Jun-14 13:41:07

2.1% is ridiculous. We are paying 0.75%! That is ludicrous.

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