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Talk to me about Velux blackout blinds (fascinating, I know!)

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stinkingbishop Tue 27-May-14 14:32:40

We've inherited an unfinished loft conversion.

There are a couple of Velux windows and as we're going to be sleeping up there eventually and both like our sleep, need genuine blackout. So:

1. Do you have to use branded Velux blinds?
2. Is fitting them a DIY job?
3. Is there any where to source cheaply?
4. Do the blackout versions really work? No spillage round the edges?

Thanks y'all.

findingherfeet Tue 27-May-14 14:49:08

They cost a small fortune but we got them for my baby boys nursery and are absolutely brilliant.

They fit perfectly, look good and most importantly really do black out the room.

My husband fitted them (I helpfully watched) and it seemed very straight forward and quick (no faff with trimming to size etc)

AlarmOnSnooze Tue 27-May-14 14:55:01

Yes they work, with no light seepage. Fitting actual Velux ones is a DIY job - I did ours, and am inept. I have only bought 'real' news, so can't comment on quality of copies.

I am sleeping in our loft room at the moment, and it really is properly blacked out - bliss.

PinotGreedy Tue 27-May-14 14:58:27

I have just bought the knock off version from an ebay shop. They were unbelievably easy to fit! They literally click into place then four screws. I did it myself with a screwdriver in less than 10 mins. Looks really good - I got the navy blue.

BUT... there is a tiny gap at the bottom when closed of a few mm. It's only a few mm but it is a little strip of light which annoys a vaguely OCD person like me. The rest is completely blackout as in the top, sides, and fabric itself. Although for half the price I am happy with the trade off!

HaveToWearHeels Tue 27-May-14 15:01:18

I have quality copies (Ebay) and they are great and easy to fit.

madamecake Tue 27-May-14 15:02:34

We bought ours from blinds2go, half the price and really easy to fit. We needed blackout as dd still has naps during the day and they are fantastic, I need to have a light on when the blinds are closed during the day or I might fall down the stairs!

RunningGingerFreckleyThing Tue 27-May-14 15:02:48

We have the velux ones and they are great. Expensive but. They fit perfectly and are easy to fit.
We bought a similar style for one of our ordinary windows but they're not as good.

Vajazzler Tue 27-May-14 15:03:06

If you can afford it I would go with genuine velux blinds. I bought a cheaper version and they didn't stay closed on the bottom few mm and they broke quite easily where as the official ones I bought after have been no problem.

Indith Tue 27-May-14 15:06:24

They are fantastic. So long as your velux windows are not ancient they should have the bits to make fitting the blinds a doddle.

We inherited 2 proper velux blinds with our house and they are wonderful. There were another 2 windows that didn't have blinds and we bought cheap imitation ones. Yes they were easy to fit and yet they black out well and are just as good in that respect but the one that was in daily use very quickly started sticking and not rolling up properly, the one that only has occasional use in the guest room is fine so far. So I'd say spend the extra and get proper ones.

Itshouldntmatter Tue 27-May-14 15:56:20

Just hijacking the thread a the velux blackout ones work as an insulator too? In other words, will they help reduce the heat of the summer sun?


HaveToWearHeels Tue 27-May-14 16:28:44

Itshouldntmatter I have mine down most of the way for this specific reason, in summer the room is unbearable.

stinkingbishop Tue 27-May-14 16:37:36

Good knowledge people, thank you!

Right, Velux it shall be then otherwise I will never hear the end of 'false economy' from DP...but will see if I can get at cost somewhere.

Fab41 Tue 27-May-14 17:19:34

I just fitted a Velux branded black out which also has a pleated blind as part of it. We can either have proper totally blackout, or shaded or open or a combination. It is supposed to insulate as well, although not tested that yet.
It was really easy to fit and does look very good. Glad I went for the branded version.

MrsGrumpyPants Tue 27-May-14 17:25:39

Genuine Velux blinds here, I easily fitted 10 of them myself in our loft conversion. The kit includes all the screws and even a screwdriver, and I watched a video on YouTube first too. Proper blackout as others have said, with a silvery other side that reflects heat.

I got mine from Vale blinds after extensive research and they were the cheapest by far, had the entire range of different sizes (some only have a limited range) and were even able to make some matching roller blinds in the same fabric for a non-velux window in the same room.

livingthegoodlife Tue 27-May-14 21:47:51

i have just ordered some velux blinds from Vale - they havent arrived yet but im hoping they are ok. they were the cheapest by a long way!

MrsGrumpyPants Tue 27-May-14 22:57:03

livingthegoodlife it can take a week for the blinds to arrive as they have to come direct from Velux in Europe somewhere. None of the UK suppliers keep all the sizes in all the colours in stock. Mine took about a week from memory, got a delivery date by email or phone. They arrive in genuine velux boxes. I spoke to Velux themselves about some other query, and they said that Vale blinds and Blinds2go are their largest 2 UK suppliers.

Oh and Vale blinds customer service is excellent. There was a mix up with sizes (as velux changed all their window codes in February 2014) and they couldn't have been more helpful.

stinkingbishop Wed 28-May-14 07:23:08

Vale it is then! Thank you very much ladies.

I may be asking a question about converting tumble driers into condensers next. Oo it's all go here wink.

MummytoMog Wed 28-May-14 10:38:04

What, with one of those box things? TBH I'd just buy a condenser, they're not crazy expensive (unless you have a ludicrously awesome vented dryer). Box things are a bit annoying. We did the opposite and swapped our condenser for a vented dryer as we wanted to stack the washing machine and the dryer. I love not having to empty the damn water tank, and it always dribbled (although you can plumb some of them in to drain into a handy waste pipe). My brother we punched a hole through the wall for the vent. It's just so darn convenient.

Nissenthehut Sat 06-Feb-16 13:53:57

I just replaced my velux blinds (old one bocken by builders). With the new design all the wholes are offset so you don't get hole clash which is brilliant. These were supper easy to put up. I had the old ones down and the new ones up in 20min. There are ingenious spacers they position the brackets in exactly the right place. Can't recommend this more and defiantly a diy job for anyone.

IloveCheese11 Sat 06-Feb-16 14:31:00

I know this is a zombie thread, but in case anyone else is interested we have velux blackout blinds and they are indeed awesome. They fit really well, easyish to put up and the material looks lightweight while keeping all the light out. Due to the height of our windows, we have the electric remote control version. They were quite expensive but I love them.

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