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Higo gloss kitchen cabinets - are they durable?

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Rosarosae Sat 24-May-14 22:02:44

We've had a joiner round on Wednesday and he said he wouldn't choose high gloss kitchen doors because they are not durable. I asked why, as I was under the impression that they would be ideal if you have young kids, easy to clean and so On. He was very vague and didn't give me a straight answer. What is the MN consensus on this front?

He fits Howdens kitchens mostly, could it be that Howdens high gloss model is rubbish?

Rosarosae Sat 24-May-14 22:03:34

High gloss - not Higo gloss!

bigTillyMint Sat 24-May-14 22:04:04

I hope not because I'm hoping to get one fitted soon!

rhetorician Sat 24-May-14 22:09:29

Just about to change all our high gloss cupboards...first off, they chip easily (e.g. If trolley bashed into them), second, they show every fingerprint and mark. Especially in sunlight. I spend half my life wiping them down, and they still look rubbish (children are 5 and 2). When I went to look at new doors, lady in showroom said she wouldn't have them in a house with small children. But perhaps yours are less feral than mine...

Rosarosae Sat 24-May-14 22:13:39

Mine are totally wild! But as our kitchen is north facing, the units will never get direct sunlight, so I think fingerprints will be less of an issue. The chipping does worry me, though. I didn't realise high gloss units could chip easily!

Runkittyrun Sun 25-May-14 00:01:24

Seven years in they look fine. No riotous behavour tho'! smile

bettykt Sun 25-May-14 07:18:05

I have small dc and a Howden's high gloss kitchen. One year in no chipping and they still look good. I've got a colour that doesn't show fingerprints easily.

sisterofcaleb Sun 25-May-14 07:38:26

I have been researching this and alongside the fingerprint issue I think places like Howdens will all do vinyl / foil wrapped doors for their high gloss. If you google issues with this then there can apparently be problems with it de-laminating (the foil peeling off). I can't comment as it put me off so we aren't getting one but quite a lot does come up on google. I think the general consensus is lacquered is better quality but more expensive. I found this article useful:

As I say, we aren't going for one so I have no idea if I am correct or not!

strongandlong Sun 25-May-14 07:45:58

We have ikea white high gloss and mucky children. 10 years on and they still look fine.

Rosarosae Sun 25-May-14 09:32:24

Thank you all. That article was helpful, sisterofcaleb. I had no idea these sort of kitchens could delaminate, I don't know anybody who's had that experience but I'm sure it does happen. The thing is, I think high gloss is the only finish that will stand up to my kids's love for crayoning surfaces!!

silverfingersandtoes Sun 25-May-14 13:53:26

I had a white gloss kitchen installed in my last house. I loved the look of it but it did not wear well - may have been my over-enthusiastic cleaning hmm but the gloss finish showed every smear - the units near the cooker obviously fared the worst. I was actually glad to leave it when we moved. This time I deliberately went for the matt (Howdens cream) finish and am really pleased with it so far (coming up to two years) - much easier to keep clean.

YouHaveBeenOutbid Sun 25-May-14 16:15:29

We moved into a house with high gloss units. They show every mark and the finish is peeling off near to heat sources, ie the front of the cupboards nearest the cooker are bubbling up from the bottom. I'm never done wiping them, with glass cleaner as anything else streaks. I wouldn't recommend them.

MillyMollyMama Sun 25-May-14 20:23:09

I had high gloss units for years with no problems at all. Just wiped down with mild detergent and a j cloth. They were only removed as they looked dated. If you treat them well, they are fine. If you bash your kitchen up, nothing will look good for long.

rhetorician Sun 25-May-14 20:35:29

I should say that they looked fine before we had small children, but found endlessly wiping them quite tedious

marshmallowpies Sun 25-May-14 23:39:12

I had a Howdens high gloss and yes, the fingerprints were an issue, especially on the doors which saw a lot of use (pull out larder cupboard especially). It did chip and crack in a couple of places too, but I suspect was more due to slightly shoddy work by the builders.

My big tip: check what kind of over counter lights you're getting and how easy they are to replace. The bulbs on mine would get very hot and pop easily, and you couldn't just replace the bulb, you had to replace the entire light fitting - it was ridiculous.

PaulinesPen Mon 26-May-14 00:29:29

I had a Wickes white gloss kitchen in our previous house and it was still going strong when we left 19 yrs later. People always thought it was new.

Now have another Wickes gloss kitchen in cream. Its only been in 18mths but I'm hoping it'll last as well as the other one. I've never had issues with peeling and don't find it looks smeary.

It does get some finger marks on it after the morning breakfast onslaught from my lot, but I think any kitchen would after 5 people have been milling about making lunches and breakfast all at once.

Gloss kitchens do need to be cleaned with a little care though to avoid surface scratching. I only ever polish mine with a soft microfiber cloth and would never rub at it with tea towels, kitchen paper or use anything abrasive like Cif on it.

And THIS is brilliant for gloss kitchens.

Yamyoid Mon 26-May-14 00:36:35

Also have a wickes gloss white kitchen. All fine, don't use anything other than very diluted washing up liquid and a soft cloth to clean rarely. The shiny handles are worse but very quick to wipe off finger prints.

Fathertedfan Mon 26-May-14 07:57:45

We had a magnet cream gloss kitchen fitted seven years ago. Two massive dogs brush past them every day, but they wipe down just fine with some warm washing up water now and then. Not showing any wear at all.

rhetorician Mon 26-May-14 09:35:29

i think colour might be the big issue for us - they are black and face into the direct sunlight and show every mark, streak and fingerprint.

mewkins Mon 26-May-14 10:49:44

I have the white ikea ones. Also had them in my old house. Look good five years on and have a 4yo. I rarely have to clean them (just around the handles) and no chips/scratches at all. If your kitchen is a busy place with kids ramming into doors etc though maybe your joiner thinks solid wood would be better for you.

mrsbucketxx Mon 26-May-14 15:59:31

i have mixed units in mine ones that are floor level are white with higher or full length in gloss.

minimizes the chance of knocking them.

they do show finger prints but i love it when they are just buffed so shiny and lovely

mrsbucketxx Mon 26-May-14 16:00:08

mine are also a wood effect high gloss and white matt ones

kmdesign Mon 26-May-14 16:48:48

If you are having high gloss, depending on your budget have glass, lacquer, acrylic or glossy laminate in that order.

Avoid vinyl wraps at all cost. Remember, there is gloss and there is gloss.

A good laminate door will last a long time but the darker colours will show streaks and fingerprints. Cleaning with a soft damp cloth should be easy.

rhetorician Tue 27-May-14 09:59:44

I would still advise you to avoid black! We have a high gloss orange sideboard too, which is fine. The occasional wipe, is all that's needed.

wotznoo Thu 11-May-17 17:11:42

I've got a Howdens white high gloss kitchen & it's fabulous.

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