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What would be in your dream kitchen?

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onceipopicantstop Sat 24-May-14 14:08:34

Not talking about cupboards and drawers but the other bits. We're just about to start our kitchen design.
So far we'd like:
- Two ovens or one extra large oven
- Induction hob
- a warming drawer (maybe)
- American style fridge/freezer
- Built in microwave
- Touch sensitive taps
- Island with plenty of workspace for rolling out pastry etc

Anyone got any other suggestions? Or are there things in your kitchen you couldn't be without?

MillyMollyMama Sun 25-May-14 10:30:25

Underfloor heating is great because it frees up wall space if you would have had a radiator. I think coffee machines are fantastic but I was advised not to have a grinding one as they need cleaning all the time and refuse to work if you don't do it properly. I have a Miele built in Nespresso one and it is truly a star. I don't have a boiling tap. I was just worried about children being scalded. I have a tried and tested built in dishwasher. I am not particularly into experimentation if the standard design works. Mine is very quiet though and you hardly know it is on. Just a bit of a swooshing noise. A wine fridge is a luxury but it stores the wine and chills it at the correct temperature for whites and reds. As you would store the wine anyway, this seemed a neat way of doing it. I do have a larder unit but the bottom section is crockery storage with 2 deep drawers and a smaller utensil drawer above. The larder cupboard stands on the work surface with two doors, and behind these are deep draws for bread and pasta and shelves for everything else. I keep dry ingredients, sugar, flour, fruit, etc in another cupboard. I would definitely advise having an island unit as it gives much more work surface, but I know not everyone has space. People can sit at it and chat and they give a lot of extra storage. I don't think new kitchens are all about gadgets. Use of space is the key issue. Good luck planning everyone!

marshmallowpies Sun 25-May-14 09:21:05

DH wants dishwasher drawers, and a hot boiling tap (I think they're a silly gimmick and the tea never tastes the same with one of those anyway, I'd always boil a kettle so a total waste to get one).

I want a big larder cupboard (but not a pull-out one as I had that at the old house & it got very rickety and creaky). Lots of deep drawers. Range cooker. (Had an eye level one before and it got on my nerves being so high up - every finger mark on it caught your eye!...mind you that does mean a ground level oven in my house never gets cleaned very often, perhaps I should have an eye level one to force me to clean it more...).

Want corian work surfaces - wood is too much of a faff to maintain, had granite before and would like something different now.
No stainless steel sink as we are in a hard water area and keeping them clean is a nightmare.

Undecided - what sort of floor we want. Don't like cold tiles underfoot and underfloor hearing is just too extravagant, so I'm thinking very good quality hard wearing laminate. I had hardwood floors at my old house and they didn't wear well in the kitchen.

Rivercam Sat 24-May-14 21:00:36

Paul Hollywood !smile

ArfurFoulkesayke Sat 24-May-14 20:58:15

Boiling tap / qooker, especially if you are a tea-drinker
Minimum 1.5 sinks
Massive fridge freezer
Min 2 ovens
Breakfast bar / peninsula to keep people out!
Drawers, drawers and more drawers
Bomb-proof worktop and flooring
Matt finishes everywhere
Built-in big bins
Underfloor heating

Must admit, I am v.taken with the 2-dishwasher idea but extravagant on cash and space (probably jealous and bitter tho!)

Beaverfeaver2 Sat 24-May-14 20:47:39

Never bother with a microwave

Beaverfeaver2 Sat 24-May-14 20:47:19

Range cooker
Lots of drawers
Space for dining table
Dishwasher is a must

With a separate utility to keep the ugly stuff and big fridge away

lessonsintightropes Sat 24-May-14 20:46:50

grin at Alice.

We're moving to a place where the kitchen has just been beautifully and expensively done - a peninsular kitchen with granite worktops, two ovens, an AEG induction hob (I'm so used to gas I don't know how to work one of these) and matching overhead touch control fan, dishwasher (never had one before), oodles of cupboards, hot water tap, massive double door integrated fridge and freezer and a pull out pantry. It looks great. Loads of cupboards and counterspace. It's not all as I'd necessarily have designed myself - the cost of it must have been prohibitive (and I think over-capitalising the property given what we're paying for it, but that's another story).

Weirdly, no microwave! I do need one for defrosting meat etc so guess we will be bringing our £20 five year old Argos one, which will look somewhat out of space wink

Aliceinvodkaland Sat 24-May-14 20:10:19

david tennant, naked, holding a delicious cappuccino from my new coffee machine wink

burnishedsilver Sat 24-May-14 20:03:01

While we're at it I'll add a housekeeper to the list ☺

DoItTooJulia Sat 24-May-14 19:33:00

Dishwasher drawers, freezer drawers built in, close to the oven, a proving oven, a wine fridge, a cupboard with built in sockets for charging phones and stuff, more storage then I need, a place for large serving platters....

The utility must have a drying cupboard, boot racks, a shower, washing machine and tumble drier and over head airer.

I live for the day I get my dream kitchen!

onceipopicantstop Sat 24-May-14 19:20:16

Dh tells me we are having a coffee machine!!

BobandKate0 Sat 24-May-14 19:18:20

Would love two belfast sinks but only if at least 14in deep,they are so hard to find at a reasonable price,never mind the wooden base unit, everyone wants �900.00 ! Could built them for �50.00 but need sinks first to measure,bit of a chicken & egg problem.
But if cash no issue - a blast chiller for the wine - you can put the bottle in your freezer for 30 mins,but i always forget about it and it freezes solid.
Also a tandoor or clay oven would awesome.

onceipopicantstop Sat 24-May-14 19:02:25

By the way do you find the pop up sockets get grubby in the gap between the socket and the work surface when not in use? Our induction hob always has stuff around the edge from wiping the work surface.

onceipopicantstop Sat 24-May-14 18:57:28

Wow millymollymama your kitchen sounds lovely. We will have a utility room - hadn't thought about putting a wine fridge in there...

MillyMollyMama Sat 24-May-14 18:13:58

I have two sinks. One double style Belfast one and a stainless one for veg prep. Two full size ovens and a microwave which works well and I would never be without my induction hob and coffee maker, capsules not grounds. We have a wine fridge in the laundry room! I do have a large island 3m x1.45 m with pop up sockets. Loads of storage and a circular breakfast table on the end of the island.

Best of all I have light. The whole kitchen is an orangery and I love seeing the sky every day having previously had a rather dingy kitchen. Loads of work surface is great and I also have two fridges which have greater capacity that the American style ones. They are built in so are streamlined. There is nothing I would change.

ThePerfectNegroni Sat 24-May-14 17:51:30

In America they design cupboards where you keep your magimix/ kitchen aid etc, with plug sockets built in. The equipment is on a shelf that pulls out. It's great. All your clutter is away, but you can just open the cupboard, pull out the shelf and you can use your equipment.

canutesauntie Sat 24-May-14 17:32:57

I forgot, ovens installed at waist height so no bending to haul out a hefty roasting tin and burning yourself, essential

canutesauntie Sat 24-May-14 17:30:37

Pull out insides / drawers for all cupboards so nothing gets stuck at the back and lost for ever more! I miss my old pull out larder cupboard.
In my last 2 kitchens I've had a pyrolitic oven that heats up to 500* and burns all the dirt off to ash - best kitchen gadget ever.
Its trite, but a dream kitchen has a place for everything... One day!

onceipopicantstop Sat 24-May-14 17:17:38

Wow two dishwashers, that's extravagant!!

onceipopicantstop Sat 24-May-14 17:09:29

Love the coffee machines but dh and I are mainly tea drinkers! Maybe I could justify it for visitors...?? A walk in pantry would be great but don't think we have the space. Also love the look of range cooker but not sure about the low oven as we have young dc - I presume the front of the oven gets hot?

dubaipieeye Sat 24-May-14 17:08:35

Someone on here once said they have two dishwasher, as one never quite does everything. I thought that was genius!

Teaandtoast1 Sat 24-May-14 17:04:53

One of those magnetic spice racks, I love them!

CitronVert Sat 24-May-14 14:58:12

Ooooh and a really good expensive coffee machine. Proper catering Italian cafe type.

CitronVert Sat 24-May-14 14:55:33

All of your list once and also a walk in pantry

Marmitelover55 Sat 24-May-14 14:54:17

Just ordered ours. It's not the right shape for an island unfortunately (which I would have liked), but we have got a peninsular, which is almost as nice. I'm looking forward to my American fridge, range cooker and wine cooler smile

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