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What would be in your dream kitchen?

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onceipopicantstop Sat 24-May-14 14:08:34

Not talking about cupboards and drawers but the other bits. We're just about to start our kitchen design.
So far we'd like:
- Two ovens or one extra large oven
- Induction hob
- a warming drawer (maybe)
- American style fridge/freezer
- Built in microwave
- Touch sensitive taps
- Island with plenty of workspace for rolling out pastry etc

Anyone got any other suggestions? Or are there things in your kitchen you couldn't be without?

marshmallowpies Sun 25-May-14 09:21:05

DH wants dishwasher drawers, and a hot boiling tap (I think they're a silly gimmick and the tea never tastes the same with one of those anyway, I'd always boil a kettle so a total waste to get one).

I want a big larder cupboard (but not a pull-out one as I had that at the old house & it got very rickety and creaky). Lots of deep drawers. Range cooker. (Had an eye level one before and it got on my nerves being so high up - every finger mark on it caught your eye!...mind you that does mean a ground level oven in my house never gets cleaned very often, perhaps I should have an eye level one to force me to clean it more...).

Want corian work surfaces - wood is too much of a faff to maintain, had granite before and would like something different now.
No stainless steel sink as we are in a hard water area and keeping them clean is a nightmare.

Undecided - what sort of floor we want. Don't like cold tiles underfoot and underfloor hearing is just too extravagant, so I'm thinking very good quality hard wearing laminate. I had hardwood floors at my old house and they didn't wear well in the kitchen.

MillyMollyMama Sun 25-May-14 10:30:25

Underfloor heating is great because it frees up wall space if you would have had a radiator. I think coffee machines are fantastic but I was advised not to have a grinding one as they need cleaning all the time and refuse to work if you don't do it properly. I have a Miele built in Nespresso one and it is truly a star. I don't have a boiling tap. I was just worried about children being scalded. I have a tried and tested built in dishwasher. I am not particularly into experimentation if the standard design works. Mine is very quiet though and you hardly know it is on. Just a bit of a swooshing noise. A wine fridge is a luxury but it stores the wine and chills it at the correct temperature for whites and reds. As you would store the wine anyway, this seemed a neat way of doing it. I do have a larder unit but the bottom section is crockery storage with 2 deep drawers and a smaller utensil drawer above. The larder cupboard stands on the work surface with two doors, and behind these are deep draws for bread and pasta and shelves for everything else. I keep dry ingredients, sugar, flour, fruit, etc in another cupboard. I would definitely advise having an island unit as it gives much more work surface, but I know not everyone has space. People can sit at it and chat and they give a lot of extra storage. I don't think new kitchens are all about gadgets. Use of space is the key issue. Good luck planning everyone!

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