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Leaving London - moving to Marple Bridge

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ilovechops Tue 15-Apr-14 14:32:20

DH and I have recently had an offer accepted on a beautiful house in Marple Bridge up in Cheshire (20 South of Manchester).

After 2 yrs of trying to get on the property ladder in London we have given up and are heading up North to buy our first home. DH has now secured a job there. At the moment we live in SE London, close to Honor Oak / E Dulwich for those that know it. We have loads of friends in London but were one of the first in our social group to have children and therefore now need more space and a good school nearby. Sadly we've been priced out of the market in London and so we have decided to move on BUT we are both feeling very anxious about it.

Worries I have;

- What on earth will we do every weekend / evening in the country
- How will we meet new friends (only have one or two friends up there)
- Will we spend our life coming down to visit London friends

Why we need to move:

- Need a garden
- Brilliant primary schools
- Closer to family
- Can actually afford a 4 bed house
- Lots of things about my DD growing up in London don't appeal to us (we are both from small villages originally)

So we know it makes sense long term, but does anyone have any advice on how to make the transition a smooth one? Also does anyone know the area at all? Are there lots of things going on? We are both sociable and would love to get involved in things locally / meet new people but is there the opportunity?

I work part time and will mostly be working from home, DH will be in the city centre so I think he will get the 'city feel' but I am worried I might be a bit lonely...any tips from anyone who has made a similar move?

lessonsintightropes Tue 15-Apr-14 17:14:32

Marple is lovely - I'm from Poynton originally (although now live close to you!) where your DCs might go to high school, it's a really good one. Lyme Park on your doorstep and the peaks. Easy enough to get into Manchester for a night out; school friends of mine are in your village and love it. As to making friends, there's a strong local sports scene and clubs if that is your bag, and people are very friendly. Sounds like a great move, good luck!

carolinemoon Wed 16-Apr-14 19:50:21

We're in Marple having moved here from a slightly more cosmopolitan part of south Manchester in search of more open/green space. I grew up in the south east but have never lived in London, so haven't done quite the same move.

We moved here knowing no-one and have made friends - I was pregnant with DD1 when we moved, so met people through baby groups etc.

Lots of people choose the area in search of a semi-rural feel with a decent commute into Manchester (the trains themselves will seem prehistoric but the service is frequent and reliable). That means there are plenty of people on the lookout for new friends - I know a few people who moved up with the BBC.

The best restaurants, cafes, pubs etc are probably in Marple bridge, but Marple itself has plenty too so lots of choice.

There are quite a few national trust properties in the area, if that's your thing for a sunny day (lyme park is great, you can picnic by the lake in the grounds of the house if you're a member (or buy a ticket). There's a cinema in Marple (one screen) which is great.

Let me know if you need any more info!

Rach1million Thu 09-Oct-14 16:06:12

Hi I was wondering if you made the move to Marple Bridge in the end. My husband and I have just done a similar thing and I wondered if you'd settled/ how you found it.

VickiHaselgrove Wed 31-Dec-14 16:27:59


I've just recently moved from the Honor Oak area, London to Somerset but I am longing to return to Marple, which is where I went to 6th form. Would love to hear how you are settling in.


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