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liked one after an open house...

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JumpingJackSprat Sat 05-Apr-14 12:09:38

Would you request a second viewing before considering an offer? We like it - it could be a nice family home for us. It has a lot of cosmetic work needed but we didn't see anything massively wrong with it. would we be crazy to put in an offer without seeing it again? Its probably going to move very quickly as houses aren't hanging about at the moment in this area and it ticks most of our boxes.

RedRoom Sat 05-Apr-14 12:15:43

Yes, put in an offer and just request a second viewing. Nothing says you can't change your mind and withdraw your offer after a subsequent 2nd or even 3rd viewing if you suddenly spot something you are unhappy with. We bought ours that way.

RedRoom Sat 05-Apr-14 12:16:54

Ps remember that the offer isn't legally binding- it just means that the vendor may take it off the market. If you wanted to be fair, you could say they should let you have one more viewing before doing so.

Wormshuffler Sat 05-Apr-14 14:17:54

I feel you should be really sure you want to buy a house before you offer, so yes have another look.
It's so unfair when people offer on a house to hedge their bets then change their minds willy nilly. What if the seller then goes and offers on a house, pays out for surveys, only to then have the rug pulled out from under them.

SquinkiesRule Sat 05-Apr-14 16:40:51

I viewed three times before making an offer. Didn't want to waste time and wanted to be sure about wanting it before offering.

orangepudding Sat 05-Apr-14 16:44:26

I made an offer after an open house viewing.
I really didn't think we would have a chance of getting it as we didn't have an offer on ours at the time. I didn't pay much attention. That afternoon we got an offer and then made an offer on the house.
I went back a couple of days later for a second look. The house had a few offers so we wouldn't have stood a chance if we didn't make an offer after the open house.

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