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Gaps and cracks in house

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Icyblue Thu 03-Apr-14 15:18:33

I've recently noticed quite a few gaps and cracks along the ceiling coving and skirting board joints. They are only hairline cracks but today I've found a bigger 3mm crack between the skirting board and the wall by the front door. I've sold the house to a first time buyer and a full structural report had been carried out two months ago, but I don't think subsidence was mentioned in the report. So if the gaps and cracks are not due to subsidence, could it be shrinkage or thermal cracks?

Bonsoir Thu 03-Apr-14 15:19:38

Are they cracks in the walls or in the plaster/paint?

I've got cracks in my paint work that aren't structurally problematic.

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