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wondering about moving out of the countryside and into the city?

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carlajean Thu 03-Apr-14 14:03:06

We've just moved out of our beautiful old house, in a popular village, and will be moving into central Bristol, once the house we're buying goes through (cross fingers). In the meantime, we're living with our son, in a Victorian terrace, in another city that I always thought was fairly desperate and down at heel.
What a relevation! There's a great council sports center, with lots of cheap classes, plenty of parks, a library that opens at rational times, and a good arts cinema. All within walking distance.
Plus, his road is quieter than the country lane we were on before, which always had people charging up and down to get to the stables.
And no more £s spent on house maintenance, and wildlife eating/digging up everything I plant in the garden.
So, if anybody's wondering about moving out of the country, I'd say go for it.
<I hope this doesn't come across as a stealth boast, but we spent a long time deciding to do this, and I thought it might help other people in the same position>

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