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Rental Property Query - Moving Out Dates

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Nix01 Thu 03-Apr-14 12:38:12

Hello everyone,

I have a quick query and would love to hear from landlords.

We've been renting a lovely property for awhile with our contract coming up for renewal in August. We've been great tenants, no problems whatsoever.

Unfortunately for us, our landlords would like to move back into their house so our contract won't renew in August.

However, there have been virtually no properties coming onto the market for rent in the past few months.

If something came up but at an earlier occupation (say June or July) and we took it to be on the safe side (and not homeless!) would this be acceptable if we were to give four weeks notice or would we be looking at paying double rent?

Ideally, I'd prefer to move end August as per the original contract and not let down our landlord.

Thank you.

Beastofburden Thu 03-Apr-14 12:43:13

Why not ask if you can have some flexibility, and if something good comes up earlier, be allowed to end the lease early? the LL might be really happy to get back into the house earlier. They have to allow you to stay until August, it's your right, but if you offered to move out faster they might be very happy to agree.

If they were re-letting, it would be different, because moving out early makes it harder for them to avoid an empty period. but they're not- they are moving in themselves.

specialsubject Thu 03-Apr-14 13:18:35

first, to check that you are tied into the contract until end of August with no break built in before then?

if you are not tied, then it is up to you with a month's notice on your side.
if you are, then it is still possible to negotiate. If they are having to shift about or pay rent themselves, they may be quite happy to return earlier.

however they may also prefer you to stay until the end as they will obviously get more rent paid that way. But if you are paying less rent than they are, this won't apply.

so as you see, there are many possibilities. First thing is a phone call to ask what would suit them - you may find that you both want exactly the same thing.

Nix01 Fri 04-Apr-14 14:56:02

Thank you. We've asked the agent to contact the landlord to ask if they'd allow us to move a month earlier.

Our contract is fixed so I guess we couldn't use that option if it comes to it?

Beastofburden Fri 04-Apr-14 15:47:44

Nix do you mean, can you just give a month's notice?

The contract is where you start from. If you dont agree with the LL to vary it, then it stands. In that case, no, you can't just gove a month's notice at any point.

But any contract can be varied if you both agree. You don't have the right to vary it. But if both parties agree that they are happy, you can agree to end it early without penalty.

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