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What's the housing market like at the minute?

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santaandthearmadillo Wed 02-Apr-14 21:27:00

We are currently renting the in-laws house, it's a three bed detached with a sizable garden/drive in a quiet pleasant location. the kitchen is being redone and it's all being repainted. the garden whilst clear is a bit of a blank canvas...

as I don't drive yet and this house is semi rural we are looking to move somewhere closer to a town.

PILs will then be buying the house and we will rent off them again.

so my question is what is the housing market like at the moment? we are in the Cheshire east borough. I am just a bit worried in case it takes ages to sell as DD starts school in September so if we do move the school application will be late!

I am clueless about this type of stuff!


lessonsintightropes Wed 02-Apr-14 23:35:37

My parents had four abortive purchases on their 3 bed house in Poynton just down the road from the high school - so it was on and off the market 5 times. Each time it came back on the market it sold within 48 hours.

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