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Rented property- 4 months in and no energy bills

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cm22v077 Wed 02-Apr-14 15:42:17

So, I moved into a rented property in November and haven't had an energy bill as of yet. When we moved in we were told the agent would inform the energy company but I'm guessing they haven't if we haven't received a bill yet?

We're moving out at the end of May so wondering if we might avoid a bill completely?

What would you do? Ring the energy people or just avoid it?
Are we likely to get a huge bill at the end of our tenancy? Anyone had a similar experience?

Thanks in advance

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtle Wed 02-Apr-14 15:48:10

Depends on how honest you are feeling I suppose....

There's a chance you could move out, get your deposit back and never hear any more about it... or you could get a huge bill at the end of your tenancy.... or you could call the energy company or the agent and get it sorted out.

Either way, the energy has been used so someone will have to pay for it at some point... and personally I think it should probably be the person that used it...

Jaynebxl Thu 03-Apr-14 05:28:43

I would ask the agent. And I'd be putting an amount away each month so a big bill didn't catch me out.

fuckwitteryhasform Thu 03-Apr-14 05:49:39

Errr its your responsibility to contact the energy company and pay for the energy you are using, even if the agent 'said' they'd do it. You could ignore the issue and not pay for what you've used, the landlord will presumably have your forwarding address to return deposit so a big bill will catch up with you, at a time when you cant access the meters to check its correct, and the energy company may have to estimate your use as no readings were taken ..... Or you could do a flit with no forwarding address and eventually get a CCJ for your unpaid debt which will show up and ruin on your credit rating when you are eventually traced ...... Or, you could act like a grown up and pay your bills ?

fuckwitteryhasform Thu 03-Apr-14 05:51:26

It will also be a condition of your tenancy that you pay for utilities, and i promise the tenancy will not say 'subject to the agent giving the energy company your details' hmm

Southpaws Thu 03-Apr-14 06:23:30

If you read you tenancy I'm 99.9% certain it will say you are responsible for notifying utility providers. If there is an outstanding balance and the landlord becomes aware before your deposit is returned they could look to deduct it from the deposit.
I would ring all utility providers today and tell them, and I hope you have been putting money aside!

LIZS Thu 03-Apr-14 06:44:25

Even if the agent hasn't notified the utilities then bills may have come to the house in previous tenant's name or to the Occupier. Do you know who the supplier is ?

PigletJohn Thu 03-Apr-14 09:48:29

Have you got a record of the meter readings at the start of your tenancy?

specialsubject Thu 03-Apr-14 11:58:35

you have to pay for the energy you use. If you don't you won't 'get away with it', you'll get credit hassles and CCJs. Oh, and it is theft.

the agent may have messed up. Spend a few minutes contacting the utility providers to get a bill.

Mandy21 Thu 03-Apr-14 12:15:26

We got a massive shock 2 months into our tenancy after receiving the 1st bill - it was �500 just for the gas over a 2 month period (Jan & Feb admittedly). The property had been empty for a couple of months and I can't remember the details now but it was cheaper for the landlord to have the gas on a standard tariff ticking over. You need to check it asap because you probably need to switch to a cheaper tariff and of course you are liable even if you've not had a bill.

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