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Renting in Milton Keynes

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picklesanne Wed 02-Apr-14 07:59:37

I am looking to rent a property in Milton Keynes for around 6 months, the problem is we have several pets dogs, cats and 2 budgies!! All the local agents aren't interested as soon as the number of pets is mentioned. We are happy to pay higher deposit and 6 months rent up front but still nothing. Any suggestions for who else to contact or where to look or advertise already got an add on Gumtree.

specialsubject Wed 02-Apr-14 11:23:22

you'd have the same problem anywhere. The potential for damage is so high that most landlords will be very nervous.

trouble is that even the cats can scratch woodwork to pieces and wreck carpets far in excess of any deposit.

so what would make a landlord consider you?
- that someone is home most of the time, so the neighbours won't be disturbed by barking.
- that you will confine the animals to a certain area of the house to minimise possible damage.
- that you will replace any clawed carpets or scratched woodwork (this is beyond normal wear and tear). This could be very pricey for you.
- that you will steam-clean and flea-treat the place on departure at your expense.
- that the budgies never leave their cages (they are the minor issue)
- that all dog crap will be removed and binned as soon as generated, not left in the garden.

if you have photos of a previous property where you lived and can show that it was not damaged that would also help.

good luck.

picklesanne Wed 02-Apr-14 11:44:07

Thanks thought it was worth a try. I no all the negatives believe me!!

specialsubject Wed 02-Apr-14 12:17:00

it is worth a try - I say 'no pets' but was prepared to rent to a lady who asked with three small dogs, given that I'd seen how her previous house looked. She didn't take the place in the end but it would have been possible - she went through all the above details and had solutions for the problems.

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