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The shower needs regrouted. Should I attempt it myself? Or ask a plumber / handyman?

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miramar Wed 02-Apr-14 00:36:49

I have a couple of weeks overlap before moving into my new house, and am getting some jobs done while it's empty.

The shower room has fully tiled walls. I noticed a couple of small cracks in the grout within the shower stall (consisting of 2 tiled walls and a shower door), near the bottom of the tiled walls. I can push a fingernail in these cracks. They're less than 1cm long and the gap is at the edge where the grout meets the tile.

Otherwise the grout looks ok, I've only noticed a couple of cracks but their location is in an area that is likely to be wet when the shower is used. The sealant looks fine.

So now seems a good time to deal with the cracked grout. I'm wondering if I can / should attempt this myself and if not, what type of tradesperson to ask.


H2OWoe Wed 02-Apr-14 06:34:25

Definitely try it. Have a look on YouTube to see what is involved - we did and that helps a lot - less daunting.

Homebase and b&q sell regrouping kits with all the bits that you need. It's a small layout of cash. DH dd our very small bathroom in half a day and it turned out really well. Go for it.

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