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House sale problems - is it me or does this take the piss?

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mangohedgehog Tue 01-Apr-14 17:58:39

My question is: if a house sale is at stake, do you think that some tradespeople might be tempted to quote for unnecessary works, because they think we will roll over and pay anything rather than risk the sale?

We are moving home to be closer to my in-laws. We bought our current home 10 years ago as 1st time buyers, so I am probably a bit naive about the whole process.

The surveyor told us there wasn't anything major wrong with our house, but his report said 'urgent repairs needed to roof: repair or replacement'.

The estate agent got two different roofers out, both of whom have told us the whole roof needs replacing at a cost of around £3,000.

This seemed extreme to me given that the roof has never leaked.

So we got a neighbour of ours who is a reputable roofer to look at it - he said the roof is fine, all we need to do is replace some slate tiles, at a cost of £150.

So what's going on with the other 2 roofers who said we need a whole new roof? Are they trying to rip us off or what?

I've emailed the estate agent to tell him about our quote, not heard back from him yet. Not quite sure how to proceed. But I think we are being shafted!

HelpfulChap Tue 01-Apr-14 18:07:37

Sounds like the surveyor is being over cautious. Does he perhaps mean that the roof timbers have had it? (as you say that it has never leaked).

I would suggest to your buyers that they get their own estimate done and take it from there.

What did the other roofers say they would do for �3k?

mangohedgehog Tue 01-Apr-14 18:17:13

None of them looked at the timbers, just the outside. They wanted to remove the original slate roof and replace with a new non-slate roof.

How do we avoid getting roofers who might quote for a whole lot of unnecessary work? i am tempted to do it ourselves and split the cost of a new survey, what do you think?

Floggingmolly Tue 01-Apr-14 18:19:50

Get your neighbour to do it?

HelpfulChap Tue 01-Apr-14 18:23:08

A serious suggestion - have you checked out the resale value of second hand slate tiles? Bit of demand for those amongst renovators I think. Might go a long way toward to cost of the new one. Ring one of those salvage type places.

Otherwise try and split the cost of a structural surveyor with the buyers?

HelpfulChap Tue 01-Apr-14 18:25:10

Architectural salvage.

HelpfulChap Tue 01-Apr-14 18:30:13


mangohedgehog Tue 01-Apr-14 19:08:59

Thanks peeps. Perhaps getting their hands on my architectural salvage was part of their dastardly plan!

JingletsJangletsYellowBanglets Tue 01-Apr-14 19:14:03

Your solicitor tells buyers solicitor what you wrote here. Surveyors have to note down everything and electrical work is always "urgent" unless a new build. We had ours repaired before a survey and they still came back with thousands of pounds of work needed doing. We told our buyer, no it doesn't and we aren't knocking more off the price.

mangohedgehog Tue 01-Apr-14 19:16:55

That is useful to know Jinglets thank you.

Monkeymummy1 Tue 01-Apr-14 20:49:24

When our roof leaked about 4 years ago, we had 3 roofers round. Two told us we needed a whole new roof for thousands. The third said we just needed some small repairs for a few hundred. we got the repairs done and had no more trouble. I'd be suspicious if I were you!

Sunnyshores Tue 01-Apr-14 20:50:42

Are you still covered by your 10 year NHBC guarantee? A roof shouldnt need replacing in 10 years. Are they saying the slate tiles are too heavy and shouldnt have been used? very strange.

Itscoldouthere Wed 02-Apr-14 10:19:22

We had the same thing when we sold our last house, we had an area of flat roof that looked a bit messy as we had changed the roof lights so there had been changes/repairs to the felt.
The buyers got a roof surveyor to come and look at all of the roof and he spoke to my husband and said all was fine.
Next thing the buyers produced a roof repair quote from a builder recommended by the survey with £3500 of work.
We were quite cross as none of the roof was defective/leaked it was only 5 years old. In the end we reduced our price by £1000.
I know they did work on the flat roof once they purchased the house as neighbours told me, but I believe it was unnecessary.

Lottie4 Wed 02-Apr-14 14:10:35

They may not be happy to show you, but would you be able to view a copy of the survey relating to the roof in the estate agents office. That way, you can actually check what the surveyor suggested needed doing.

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Wed 02-Apr-14 17:34:32

Our house is 120 years old with a slate roof which we are about to have reslated - ie they remove the old slates, check old timbers & replace anything that needs it, insulate, re-felt & then put the slates back on, make sure lead flashings are all ok & fix ridge tiles.

There's a main house roof about 18' wide & 28' front to back, & rear extension roof 10' wide & 12' front to back. Quotes for the whole job are around £3,500 inc scaffolding.

Ours isn't leaking but the timbers are old & also the nails gradually fail & then slates start to fall off. How old is your house, OP?

MillyMollyMama Thu 03-Apr-14 00:45:00

They are trying to get you to reduce the price of the house!!! The cost of the repairs is not your problem. You don't have to put things right that are on the report. Get your own survey done and get them to look at the roof timbers and security of the skates and only do anything if it comes back with problems that will prevent you selling . Don't spend money you don't need to. I would not ask an estate agent to get quotes either! Get someone you trust and is recommended. Don't get rid of original slates! You will spoil your house. The roofer will make a fortune out of you!

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