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papalazaru Fri 28-Mar-14 08:35:31

We are planning to buy a house which is 1-2 years old and has an NHBC Certificate. For our mortgage we have to have a basic valuation survey so my question is should we opt for either a Homebuyer's report or a Building Survey. Not sure we need something as detailed as the latter though...... It has been occupied since it was built so the snagging has already been dealt with.

fanoftheinvisibleman Fri 28-Mar-14 08:44:11

We had the middle one done last time and said that we wouldn't bother again as it was pretty useless and didn't look at the main thing we were worried about at all. We were concerned about the flat roof but he didn't go up there and this wasn't made clear to us when we telling them why we wanted the better survey.

It seemed very superficial so we said at the time it was the last time we'd take the middle ground. I'd at least want confirmation from them of exactly what they are looking at for you before you sign up. Maybe we just had a bad experience!

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