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What can I do with this sink unit?

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FelixFelix Thu 27-Mar-14 10:17:36

I live in a rented property from a private landlord who is lovely and doesn't mind us decorating etc. We are planning on staying here for a few years so doing some small home improvements like putting shelves up, replacing the flooring in the kitchen and painting upstairs as it's quite patchy. The sink in the bathroom is built on to a unit which isn't proper wood. I think its that dodgy laminate stuff or something similar, so it can't be sanded down. It's damaged and looks slightly grotty from getting wet so I'd like to do something with it to make it look a bit nicer. I've attached a pic, hopefully it works!

The only thing I can think of doing is tiling the top with some of those small tiles that come on a roll (sorry can't remember the proper name for them!). Does anyone have any other ideas or is this the only thing that would work as it's not proper wood?

FelixFelix Thu 27-Mar-14 12:31:38

Bump smile

spotty26 Thu 27-Mar-14 16:56:24

Paint with Annie Sloan and then seal with a waterproof matt varnish?

PigletJohn Thu 27-Mar-14 17:48:33

it is probably veneered chipboard. Veneered or solid wood surfaces do not stand up well to water. Sinks get drips and splashes, so it was not a good long-term choice. Wooden tops are ideal for a showroom.

If you can lift the sink off the base, you will be able to paint (or, if you insist, sand off and revarnish) the top much better than if you try to do it with the sink in position.

If it was me I would probably cut and fit a piece of laminate or worktop to replace or go on top of the existing top.

FelixFelix Thu 27-Mar-14 17:55:52

I do wonder why it was installed in the first place! The sink is sort of half built in and all sealed up so I can't remove it. I didn't think I could paint it though, so that's a nice surprise! Am I right in thinking I could lightly sand the awful flakey bits to make a smooth surface then paint Annie Sloan straight on, or do I have to treat it with something else first? Thank you for the replies, by the way smile

FelixFelix Thu 27-Mar-14 18:01:03

Arghhh DP is against painting it! How annoying hmm

PigletJohn Thu 27-Mar-14 18:21:00

you could sand, bleach the black watermarks with Oxalic acid, re-dye with colron, and finish with Diamond Satin Varnish, if you want to do five times the work.

You will have to use clear silicone around the sink to reduce future water damage.

spotty26 Thu 27-Mar-14 18:28:07

Would the Landlord allow you to swap for a traditional basin. By the time you have faffed about you may as well spend £75 and just get a very plain new one?

FelixFelix Thu 27-Mar-14 18:37:04

She would let us swap, but the weird unit thing is actually really good for storage underneath so I don't really want to rip it out. I'm going to work on DP with the painting (or just do it when he's at work grin)

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