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Flamingoes wallpaper

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spotty26 Tue 25-Mar-14 16:19:02

Thinking of this wallpaper

in my downstairs loo. It has dark grey floor tiles already, white suite, and leads into the hall which has panelling half way up the wall. Top half Quartz Grey Dulux and bottom half a similar colour to Little Greene French Grey Dark. Tiles are Victorian encaustic sludgy colours.

I sort of want it to tone in a bit with the hall as the door is often left open into the hall, and the reverse of the door is also the French Grey Dark colour, so keeping the woodwork the same colour would make sense.

Thanks MN x

spotty26 Tue 25-Mar-14 16:21:04

Doh, question was... At other nice wallpapers which would work?

I would describe my style as quite classic, a bit scruffy New England with a vintage industrial bits.

whereisshe Tue 25-Mar-14 16:47:54

I've just googled some pics of it in a room and I think the pattern isn't structured enough or monotone enough for a bathroom. It's very pretty paper but the pattern creates quite a random "bits and pieces" effect on the wall which I think would clash with the straight lines in a bathroom.

whereisshe Tue 25-Mar-14 16:57:33

If you want something a bit idiosyncratic what about Fornasetti wallpaper?

spotty26 Tue 25-Mar-14 17:07:12

Really not keen on Formasetti range but thanks for the suggestion. My downstairs loo is very teeny so no clean lines anywhere. It is just a toilet, a small sink and a window above the loo. It has a skirting board and that is it. I fancy the Hicks hexagons but I know I will get bored of that very quickly. I have two rolls of a really nice Blithfield small motif but it is a bit safe.

fresh Tue 25-Mar-14 17:14:51

Have you looked at Manuel Canovas, they do toiles but in bonkers colours, such as this or this. Have done a downstairs loo in the second one, it looked fantastic.

member Tue 25-Mar-14 17:22:37


spotty26 Tue 25-Mar-14 17:24:27

Yes, love Manuel Canovas. the blue and Greige would work well. I think I have a sample of that in my office. Not usually so indecisive but I think I have overthiut hit it. Ta!

spotty26 Tue 25-Mar-14 17:26:10

And the chinois with green accents is gorge. I know someone who has that in a downstairs loo in the black and gold.

spotty26 Tue 25-Mar-14 17:28:31

Overthought - flipping auto correct makes more mistakes

member Tue 25-Mar-14 17:32:54

Quite like this though very different to what you've been looking at!

fresh Tue 25-Mar-14 17:34:55

Great! Hope it goes well. smile

spotty26 Tue 25-Mar-14 17:39:21

I love Penguin classics. I have a collection of the books and think that paper is great, probably just a bit too brightly coloured for where the room is and compared to the style of the hall. If the door wasn't always open it would be a contender.

member Tue 25-Mar-14 17:43:38

I do like the flamingoes by the way ( I'm not keen on birds but my mum is positively phobic so a meltdown of epic proportions would be on the cards if I put that anywhere she might see when visiting!).

spotty26 Tue 25-Mar-14 18:05:30

Yes, they are meant to be bad luck, forgot that. I just like the colours as there is a touch of sheen and some black too.

Pinkcustardpurplecustard Tue 25-Mar-14 19:54:01

I do like the flamingo wallpaper!!!

LittleMilla Tue 25-Mar-14 20:23:36

Spotty - we have got the penguin classics in our downstairs loo and it is FAB. House is Victorian, lots of stained glass and we also have quite muted tones in the hallway. We only did one wall in it and the rest of the room is white.


Osborne (sp) has got loads of amazing wallpapers. Love the idea of flamingoes. Have a look in some of the homes mags as that's where I first saw the books and I often see lots of others. Oh, and I also saw something in the sunday times the other week on amazing wallpapers!

spotty26 Tue 25-Mar-14 21:47:42

The thing is I read 4x mags a week, have gazillions of samples, trade accounts at lots of wallpaper companies, think about interiors non stop but cannot commit to liking anything enough to crack on. Most unusual. So you lot are so opinionated I thought I would "share".

Thank you all!! Probably will do my Blithfield Damask as that is sitting there ready to be used. Sod the birds.

oscarwilde Tue 25-Mar-14 22:15:49

If its a teeny room why not go for it and change in a few months if it doesn't work?

goingtobefree Wed 26-Mar-14 08:46:07

I have just wallpapered my downstairs loo in Brighton wallpaper by Harlequin, love it.
Do it.

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