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LL notice and viewings

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dietstartsmonday Mon 24-Mar-14 16:24:08

Hi All,

Am in need of some advice. I am moving out of my rented house this wknd, however I have the tenancy until 22nd April, due to buying we have an overlap.

My landlord wants the agents round this week to photograph etc. I have said next week as currently we are in uproar with packing. He is not happy with this, although he doesn't know my exact moving date. I have offered full return to him early but he said no.

So can I refuse the agent access until it suits me?? I don't think they would want photos currently we are in a mess!

expatinscotland Mon 24-Mar-14 16:25:43

Let them take the photos of it a wreck.

dietstartsmonday Mon 24-Mar-14 16:31:05

its a wreck anyway, I think he is going to try and re let but really he needs to be replacing windows and carpets. I have advised.

Just annoyed really that I am being encroached on this week, its the last thing I need!

expatinscotland Mon 24-Mar-14 16:36:12

It won't make for good photos, so let them at it and go ahead and pack round them.

specialsubject Mon 24-Mar-14 16:37:04

you can refuse access for anything except an emergency. And you certainly don't need to tidy up.

it is yours until 22nd April. All he has to do is re-use the photos from last time to get it up on the websites.

if he won't let you out of the agreement early, then he can't have the place back early. BTW you need a checkout and photos taken of how you are leaving it for your deposit - take your own just in case he starts going in after you have left but before you return the keys.

dietstartsmonday Mon 24-Mar-14 16:39:38

good point special.

I am just going to say no to Photos this week. they are welcome to go on Tuesday once I have been in and cleaned the place up.

I don't want to be awkward and stop him re-letting I just want to pack in peace!

HaveToWearHeels Mon 24-Mar-14 19:02:51

Just refuse, You have another month on your agreement. We just use the same photo's when we re let, unless of course there have been any changes.

Amethyst24 Mon 24-Mar-14 20:54:05

I was in the same position as a seller, although my tenants were breaking their lease early so were super cooperative. I told the agent to go ahead with photos only if it was convenient for the tenants, and to then make a call as to whether they or the original ones they used to let the property were better. In the event the new ones were fab, because my tenant tidied up like mad. But you're under no obligation to let them in.

Sunnyshores Thu 27-Mar-14 20:26:24

Actually you are legally obliged to let them in when they give you 24 hours notice (for any reason) - but it does seem as if there is no point on LL insisting.

specialsubject Thu 27-Mar-14 21:16:05

sunnyshores I don't think so. The tenant isn't legally obliged to grant any access except an emergency.

24 hours is the recommended minimum notice, although it is courteous to give more time on requests.

MillyMollyMama Thu 27-Mar-14 21:33:02

Normally tenancy agreements would have inspection clauses so the condition of the property can be checked upon. This is not an emergency, but is obviously something everyone agrees on. A bit of give and take on both sides is usually best rather than everyone being difficult with each other. However OP, I cannot see why he cannot wait for new photos as there are just a few days to wait. I cannot see the advantage of photos when a tenant is packing.

HaveToWearHeels Thu 27-Mar-14 23:19:40

Sunnyshores you are not obliged to let your LL in even with 24 hours notice. Obviously if it convenient then you should but if not you can just refuse. If we need access to any of our properties then we usually try to plan in advance and get a mutual date and time.

dietstartsmonday Fri 28-Mar-14 10:14:59

the agent called and i have said no prob. you can have a key next week once i have moved out grin

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