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Some questions about Barratt Homes and their extras....

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Fuckeroo Sun 23-Mar-14 11:09:14

We need to go and have a meeting in a couple of weeks to choose carpets/flooring and other bits.

Our house is nearly finished so we don't have to choose fixtures and fittings, and we love the standard ones we have anyway.

But they haven't really given us much information about what they offer and I can't find anything on line. We are prepared to pay a little over the odds for their carpets as then it will all be done and ready for us on moving day.

Does anyone know if they offer good choices, whether they are reasonably priced and good quality? I'd be tempted by blinds etc as well as it's one less hassle after we've moved in, but again, no idea on price or quality.

Also, the patio is small and we'd like to get it extended, does anyone know if this is something they offer and how much it woudl cost? The turf isn't laid yet so presumably it's something they can do before we move in?

Any advice from anyone who's dealt with them would be great. TIA.

squiby2004 Sun 23-Mar-14 13:21:00

We have a Barrats house and got a very good deal. We were able to exchange within 4 weeks and had 50% cash do used our strong pundit ion to negotiate stamp duty in full and flooring throughout. Its a 5 bed/4th bath house with a big floor print. We got amtico in ever bathroom and throughout the downstairs and the top grade carpet everywhere else. Didn't pay anything extra for any if it but speaking to our neighbours we know we hot a very good deal as they didn't get anything like the same incentives.

Fuckeroo Sun 23-Mar-14 13:27:11

They are paying our estate agency fees and we are using Help-to-buy so I don't think we are allowed any further incentives, there are loads of rules with the help to buy scheme I think.

Might try asking about freebies though.

jerseypearl Sun 23-Mar-14 14:00:11

The help to buy scheme is not an incentive from Barrett even though they dress up that is. It actually depends on who you are taking your mortgage out with in terms of incentives such as stamp duty. We were using help to buy as well however We negotiated full stamp duty, all flooring, fitted wardrobes to five bedrooms, towel radiators to four bathrooms, a pedestrian door to be put in garage, extra tv sockets to put in bedrooms and second reception. You have to be firm and do everything via email much easier to negotiate this way then being hard balled on the phone by one of their sales team

deste Sun 23-Mar-14 21:56:37

My DD bought a new build Barrat house last October. She paid for fitted wardrobes an upgrade of hob and work tops etc. They got a friend to do the down-lighters, towel rails and blinds because they were charging an arm and leg for them. If you are on a budget source your own extras and get them done yourselves. Barrat did let the carpet fitters in before they got the keys. They had loads of friends lined up to help the week they moved in.

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