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buying property. Advice please.

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MultipleMama Fri 21-Mar-14 18:45:02

. DH and I have been wanting to get on the property ladder for years but as we knew we weren't staying in England for the long term we didn't commit and in Germany the prices are more expensive so we used to just browse properties. Now, an oppertunity has presented itself for us to actually really consider buying house - the catch is; the house we are renting only has a 12 month opt out clause (3 year lease altogether) so we'd have to buy this year. Should we wait until the lease is up or try and find the perfect house now but risk being trapped in a 2 year lease?

The opperunity came about early last month but we decided to leave it as of our twins was still in NICU and it wasn't the right time with our mind on something else. DS has now been home a month and due surgery before he's 1yo (adj) which will be December, most likey. So, we still unsure what to do because of this.

We're going to have a long talk about it with family etc and we don't have to decide now and the oppertunity will always be there but I'd like your thoughts, if you're willing to offer them.

Nojustalurker Sun 23-Mar-14 07:52:14

Buying a house can tak as little a six weeks but it can easily take up to 12. Does ths. Affect your timings? Have you conisder stamp duty a d morgage affordability?

Pinkje Sun 23-Mar-14 08:51:24

Sorry to hear your babies have been poorly, what a stressful time for you. It is not clear to me whether you are talking about buying in the UK or Germany. Where are you renting that has this 3 year/1 year break out clause?

MultipleMama Sun 23-Mar-14 12:40:01

Pinkje - we are renting in Germany - we plan to live in this country (DH's home country) permanently.

Nojustalurker - As long we let our landlord know that we are looking, and that an offer has been accepted before the allotted time - so she can start looking for new tenants then the timing doesn't effect us . Downside is; if she has lined up a new tenant and our deal has fallen through, we still have to find somewhere to live.

We will be 3/4 buying, and getting a mortgage for the rest.

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