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loft space vs loft room

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JRmumma Fri 21-Mar-14 09:57:22

Ive just been watching my guilty maternity leave pleasure, homes under the hammer. One of the houses had a 'loft space' accessible by a staircase, but it was not a bedroom and didn't have a window.

Does anyone know what the deal is here? If its not a bedroom, can you just stick in a staircase, board out/plaster/add electrics/carpet etc and use the 'room' as a storage area without needing planning permission and having to meet other requirements like you would need for a loft living space?

AngryFeet Fri 21-Mar-14 10:01:42

Yes you can do that. If you sell it won't be considered a proper room and may affect the price though.

My brother lives in a cottage with a loft space like that, as the house is tiny they use the loft as a wardrobe (there are built in rails and cupboards).

When SIL's parents come to visit (150 miles so they stay over) they sleep on a mattress in this space with the hatch open for ventilation. Not ideal (and DB and SIL are getting a sofabed soon for the livingroom so as to offer better accomodation!) but handy for storage and sleepovers.

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