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Brixton tube and transport links to Herne Hill - how safe for children and for unaccompanied adults at night

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margotmargot Thu 20-Mar-14 17:23:23


I'm wondering how safe Brixton tube station is. Thinking of renting at Spense St in Herne Hill with a 5/6 year-old. House close to park but I would have to get home around 10pm unaccompanied, through the tube. Would have to get to Battersea Park (daughter) and Battersea Square daily.

Thinking between renting in Herne Hill or in Hammersmith. Worried about safety of transport links through Brixton - metropolitan police not very helpful.

Thank you so much for your insight.

YellowDahlias Thu 20-Mar-14 17:58:58

Well Railton Road is not one of my favourite roads. If you were worried you could always pick up a 3 or 37 bus at Brixton Tube and get off on Dulwich Road.

Area itself is nice with lots going on. Brockwell Park is excellent and your DC will love the playground.

ManOfScience Thu 20-Mar-14 21:29:48

I used to live close to there (before DC) and while it is a little rough around the edges, I never had a problem. I used to take the tube to Brixton and then the number 3 bus all the time.

There are lots of families in Herne Hill, I think you'll like it.

Amethyst24 Thu 20-Mar-14 21:54:48

You'll love it, it's fine now. When I first moved to Brixton in 2005 it was a bit dodgy, and yes, Railton Rd was nasty. I moved in 2011 just as it was getting nice and have been back a few times recently. It's absolutely great. Lovely area with an exceptionally strong sense of community. (In fact people who've lived there for ages are getting all NIMBY about the new champagne and cheese bar because it's destroying the character of the area. Tis chichi as.)

bigTillyMint Thu 20-Mar-14 22:00:00

Agree with Amethyst.
And YD - not walking from Brixton at night, bus would be better. Or go directly from Herne Hill by bus or train?

smallinthesmoke Thu 20-Mar-14 22:03:49

At 10pm the area outside Brixton tube is pretty busy, and that makes me feel safe. The bus stop you would need is close to the station. I would be wary of pickpockets but that is a standard thing anywhere really.
I didn't much enjoy walking around on my own in that area late at night but would take the bus.

pinkdelight Fri 21-Mar-14 09:56:57

I get the tube to brixton then the 196 or 432 which go through HH past the park. It's lively but I find dead quiet streets scarier. Never had any trouble. HH is great for families. Strange choice for access to Battersea Park though. Don't you like anywhere on a line that goes direct to BP station? Commute won't be much fun for a little one.

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