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Help! White or Dark Grey or Grey bifold doors

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nutterbutsquash Thu 20-Mar-14 17:09:43

First World Problem Alert! I am spending WAY too much time dithering about whether to go for dark grey bifolds or white ones (or inbetweeny grey).

Going for a white, but not modern kitchen, grey tiles on floor, pale worktops. The room isn't very big (3m x 4m), worried that massive dark bifolds are going to dominate it a bit.

But... I do like the look of darker ones, especially from the outside. If we were going for a slick, modern kitchen, would probably go for them.

Our windows in the rest of the house (and kitchen) are white uPvc and it's a victorian terrace.

Has anyone got either and can give me the pros and cons/decide for me before I waste any more days time thinking about this as need to buy them tomorrow.

GospelOak Thu 25-Jun-15 13:27:28

so what did you decide? and was it the right choice? (Am having same first-world problem...).

sacbina Thu 25-Jun-15 16:25:07

the rest of our house has white upvc Windows so we went with white doors, even though we preferred the darker grey.

tbh don't even notice anymore

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