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loft conversion companies

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milkway Wed 19-Mar-14 20:12:52

Hi! We are thinking about having a loft conversation. We liked 2 companies, one is CountyLofts based in Harlow, and the other is SMA Loft Conversations, based in ealing. Does anyone have any references of either companies? Big Thank YOU!!

Moscow55 Sat 22-Mar-14 10:54:58

Hi Milkyway,

I assume you are looking for an “all in one loft conversion/extension Company”. I am sorry I don’t know anything about those companies. But after finishing my problem prone project with a well-known loft conversion company in West London, please allow me to give you what I have learnt. Because I don’t want anyone to go through the same misery. (please have a look at my other post about a loft conversion too )

- This must be one of the biggest expenses in your life. Read the contract with an extra care. Think thorough what your option would be if something went wrong.

- Find out what services the company actually offers and charges for. If only design and management service, compare with independent professional architects such as RIBA, ARB registered. Which is better value in terms of skills, qualification and assurance?

- Be clear about how much budget is allocated to the actual build (Labour and Materials). Is it unreasonably low? An unhappy builder will cut costs and corners to fit a low budget.

- Don’t let your hands off the Building Control issues totally. BC should be on your side to protect your property from Cowboy or poor design/plans. Keep it under your control.

- If it is a registered company, don’t forget Company and Director Check.

- Check the insurance for the project. Consider buying extra insurance yourself.

Of course there must be many good loft conversion/extension companies. I think the risk is as clients tend to have a false sense of security. I realised now our house was too precious to go for a “Value Pack” with a stylish label. I wish you a successful project!

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