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How soon to get removal quotes?

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Lottie4 Mon 17-Mar-14 10:18:57

Just wondering how soon to get removal quotes. We're in the really early stages, have got all paperwork ready to go to solicitor and are applying for our mortgage this week (they already have all the information, we just need to sign paperwork and pay for survey). Expect agents will be pushing to get completed as all three properties to be sold are all through them.

Given their circumstances I think the two below us will want to complete quick. I doubt the chain will be ready before the end of April though. We can fit in any everyone else, but would like to complete by end June if poss.

specialsubject Mon 17-Mar-14 10:20:36

doesn't hurt to start now. Removal companies are well used to the uncertainty involved, what you do is book a provisional date and keep them informed. Do make sure you can cancel at sufficient notice though.

if you have a choice; avoid Friday, Saturday, bank holiday, school holidays. Many of the companies have calendars of cheaper and pricier dates.

Madmog Mon 17-Mar-14 10:31:40

We've got to go through this. All I would say is get a few. Our completion date came up very quickly, with three days notice. Chap was buying to let and had a tenant lined up, so wanted completion immediately all paperwork was sorted. None of the removal were available at three days notice, but one of the four we asked could do it at six days notice. Luckily we came to an arrangement where we completed on the Friday and moved out the following Tuesday - buyer just wanted to know it was sorted so he could firm up date with tenant.

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