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Builders have gone insolvent

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ladypineapple Sat 15-Mar-14 21:21:36

We have finished our work but have snagging (about 2k's worth) left to complete in a few months time. Since the company we contracted with is now insolvent does that mean we cant force himt to come back and snag ? He has started a new company and is still in business, but have lost faith in him as I found out through a third party his old company went bust and he has been avoiding my calls and emails ...

MillyMollyMama Sun 16-Mar-14 01:08:00

Have u paid him the £2k or have you kept it as a retention? If you have the £2k, get another handyman in to do the work.

ladypineapple Sun 16-Mar-14 14:34:17

We kept it as a retention .... think you are right and should look elsewhere to get work ccompleted , thanks

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